Fashion Blogger... or Whatever


The name is Ashley Tamarra, some people call me Ash others Boogie... Pleased to meet you. For years now I have been the girl who was always been in to fashion amongst other things. Okay, Let's scratch "in to".. when it comes to fashion I am OBSSESSED. I eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. It's up until now that I have decided to actually put it on paper, well, in this case on blog.

This is my diary. For some odd reason I want people to know my thoughts, my views, and a large portion of my life when it comes to fashion and things I enjoy doing. I drink, I cuss, I laugh, I overspend (covers eyes), I run a business (, I'm a mother, I travel... I live life. Welcome to my thoughts about the things I am passionate about...

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Making my dreams come true,