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I JUMPED.. Why I Quit My Job.

Um, Hi.. Whoah... who would've thought I would have actually gone almost 9 months without blogging!? I promise, its for a good cause. Here's what I've been up to.. *takes deep breath*

I quit my job. Yes! As of 12/30/2015 I am officially an entrepreneur. I was a 911 operator for 10 years and I knew for a while it was not where I was meant to be in life. I have always had a passion for fashion, I was running THIS blog from that job along with my business ( Long story short I was miserable and decided to take a leap of faith and quit. EVERYONE was shocked that I made such a ballsy decision. In fact, no one saw it coming. Of course my mother knew, my boyfriend, and ONE of my friends. But it was a military secret to everyone else. Why? I didn't want to hear anyone's damn opinion. I was afraid that if I told enough people I would be scared back into not doing it. I mean, this was major....Do I have a child? Yes.. Do I have a mortgage and bills.. YES. So? Is that an excuse to be miserable and unhappy with what I do everyday to make a living? No.

I won't lie to you all I was scared. But I was more scared of staying there and never knowing what I could do for myself. So, I created an escape plan,had a few pennies in my piggy bank, and I quit. I am now giving my business 100% dedication and it shows. I have not looked back since and nor do I plan to. I am almost six months into my journey and I have to admit, it's the BEST decision I ever made for my life.

Which brings us to my next subject my business. I mentioned it in my previous post... but I'm going to say it again. I run an online clothing store offering mostly vintage and some modern apparel for women. I have completely given my business a facelift. We have an official logo, an awesome new site, and we've (by we I mean I've.. but you know) ditched the mannequin and have a team of beautiful girls who model the items. I have hired on a profession photographer and makeup artist to do it all. I have been able to travel to find better/ more unique clothing and I have been having a ball doing it. I decided when I quit I was going to give this my 10000%, failure is not an option. Plan B is to make Plan A work. Period.

Major difference huh? lol. At one point I was home all day taking pictures of my items on my mannequins, editing, posting, loading items, shipping, shopping, customer service... hell, doing everything. Over these last six months I have my own photographer, models,  "shipping department", we even have a blog ran by a young blogger. I still run everything else. However, this is a continued work in progress.

I realized this.. by "this" I mean my brand is not just about me being able to quit and make millions of dollars. It's about me establishing relationships, collaborating with other creative people, and providing jobs to people with families. No need for me to write a memoir of my plans to take over the world... so I won't.  However, slowly but surely this will become that. And it all started with me having the balls to JUMP as Steve Harvey calls it.

In all honesty. I had to make a decision... I found myself running like a chicken with my head cut off. Wardrobe stylist/ Blogger/ Website owner. I was finding myself spinning my own wheels and not able to do everything efficiently. Honestly, these days you can find me in a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and my go to shell toe Adidas. I don't have time to wear clothes to blog! lol. Shit!  And doing all of the tasks I named, I surely don't have time to style. Some people may be a little upset with me because I have turned down projects for styling... and thats okay. I have to get this (My brand's) engine running FIRST and then I can get back to doing other things. I promise I will.. when it's time. But for now.. I AM LOVE DOLL SHOPPE. I hope my story inspires someone else out there who is thinking of taking the leap. DO IT! Ask yourself, what is the worse that can happen? If the worse does happen.. fix it. The biggest lesson I have learned in all of this is that I create the life I want to live.

So.. I hope that explained everything to you guys. Enough about me! What have you all been up to!?

Making my dreams come true,

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