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*Taps mic* is this thing on!?! Some of you may or may not be wondering where I have been. The obvious thing is not blogging. lol. Please excuse my absence. What I can tell you is that I have been working on other avenues in my life. Here's what.

I've been giving more love to my business.
A lot of you may or may not know that I run an online vintage and gently used women's apparel store. Its called Doll Shoppe. Offering affordable new, used, and vintage items. Everything is handpicked, photographed, posted, and shipped by yours truly. I have been heavily involved with this. And I mean heavy. It's seriously to the point I don't even get dressed up anymore because I am either A.) Out shopping for items. or B.) Home posting and shipping out items. Seriously, my life is all work no play right now. Just really working on things I want to manifest in my life. Anyway, here are a few things on sale now...

Don't just read about it check out the site. 

I've been styling again.
A few years ago I really indulged in my passion of being a wardrobe stylist. I did a few shoots here and there. I kind of strayed away from it for several reasons.. no need to discuss. But.. I'm back at it and stronger than ever. I've been doing photo shoots, personal styling, and even did my first music video.. just really building a solid portfolio so I can take this styling stuff serious. I am working on building a separate site just for my styling work and booking information. For now, check out a few pics from behind the scenes and final shots.

I've been laying low. 
The older I am getting I am learning everyone just doesn't need to be in my business. I started looking at my Instagram feed and realized I was becoming one of those people who just had to post things daily. Now, I'm not knocking anyone who does... but seriously what does it do for your life? I mean, this is a question I had to ask myself. The answer was nothing. Therefore I completely wiped out my social networks of anything that just isn't people's business from personal family photos to what I cooked last night. lol. I decided to keep it professional and interesting with whatever I feel relevant to share. Being on a social media diet feels... good! I don't even think about scrolling and being nosey Because yes, I did do this.. all.. day.. long.  Come to think of it... I haven't taken a selfie of myself in forever! LOL! I am just focused on what's important right now. I keep the personal stuff to my personal Facebook page exclusive to family and close friends only. I keep the ratchetness on my Snap Chat lol (AshleyTamarra)

Thanks for playing catch up with me. I will be back as soon as I get the time.. I promise. I have some great things in store for this blog I want to share with you all. From fashion, to travel, lifestyle, and more. In due time it will be revealed. In the meantime be positive, progressive, and follow your dreams.

Making my dreams come true,

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