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Fashion Friday || 2015 Fall Trends

With a new season rolling in the fashion world has gone mad.. do this do that wear this wear that. I love it, however it can become quite overwhelming. It soooo much to keep up with, hell... I'm still trying to afford trends from last year. lol. So what do I do? I filter out all the outrageous shit and decide what can work for my wardrobe when it comes to personal style. Because let's be real, everything that is on the runway just isn't applicable to everyday life.. unless you're well... Rihanna. Anyway, I've compiled my top five favorite trends for the upcoming Fall season. Guys, don't worry I've got you covered too.

Furry Business
 Of course we know fur jackets and vests are always going to be forever engraved in the fashion scrolls when it comes to Fall wear. This season step it up a notch well let's say step it down. Try a pair of fur heels or boots. If you are bold try a fury clutch bag. Pick the wildest color you can find. Start with Uber cute and affordable. 

Loafer Love
Ladies ladies ladies... give your feet a break from the heels and slide into a pair of chic loafers. They are uber cute and a great alternative to heels in the event you're not a sneaker type of girl. If you're not sure what to get start with a pair of leopard print. It is a little known fact leopard is a neutral. It can be worn with just about anything. 

Look Ma, No Hands!
Celebrities have been doing it forever, I am now seeing more people rock this trend especially during the Fall and Winter moths. What is it? Rock that coat, blazer or jacket, on your shoulders. Think of it as a pimp cape. (Inserts giggle). This can be done with denim jackets, long wool coats.... honestly just about any jacket that looks good. Need a tutorial on this one? That brews up a good blog idea :). 

Lace Up
Expect to see a lot of dresses and bodysuit rocking the gladiator lace up. It.. is.. everywhere. Think Kim Kardashian in the Givenchy Lace-Up Bodysuit during Paris Fashion Week. Yeah...hotness. I'm seeing Balmain incorporate this trend in a lot of their designs. And even more affordable brands such as Missguided. In fact, they have one waiting in my wishlist for my paycheck like... whoah. lol 

50 Shades of Grey
This trend is exactly as it sounds. Not like the sex indulged books.. the color! Yes, grey is in. (Not that it ever left for me but..) Try mixing different shades in one outfit. For example... A low cut blouse light grey, dark grey wide leg pants darker great, Over sized cardigan darkest grey. 
Up size 
Over sized cardigans and coats are the it thing for the season. THIS is the time for you to wear something too large solely. And by something I mean your cardigans and over coats. NOT actual apparel.

Baah Bah Black sheep have you any wool? No he doesn't because it is being applied to your jackets this season. Yes, shearling is the it thing for the season. Live a little, spend a little and invest in a shearling or faux shearling coat/jacket.

Leather Weather
The cold months are always a good time to bring out your leather jackets. But it's actually a trend to wear it from the waist down. Yes, people have been wearing leather jeans and trousers forever. But right now it's actually a hip thing to do. If you're not really sure how to do it right. Start with a pair of leather joggers. They look nice with just about any top and sneakers.

Black is the New Black
For me and many other people wearing all black is a way of life. Now it's actually a trend. Don't know what to wear. Black shirt, black jeans, black hat, black jacket. Listen, you get it.

Neck Roll 
Once upon a time a "rolled neck" sweater was simply a turtle neck sweater. I guess everything needs to be reinvented. Gentlemen invest in a few of these turtl... rolled neck top and sweaters. Not only will it mature your look... it looks damn sexy.

There you have it, five trends for you to try and are totally accessible, (not necessarily the items I picked, but you get the idea). Go out be fresh, fly, and stylish. Which trend will you be doing this season? 

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