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Natural Hair || How I Get a "Perfect" Twist Out

I posted this picture on my IG account and no lie three people asked me what I did to get my hair this way. It was four days old here.. ha. Here's the thing about having natural hair. You either learn your hair or you don't. I can't tell you how many times I have gone to work HATING my hair because it didn't come out right the previous night after spending hours washing combing and twisting my hair. Let's not forget the tons of products I went through. Okay!!? Or even worse having to retwist my hair every night to ensure it looks good the next day. Father take the wheel. One my favorite go tos when it comes to my everyday hair is a twist out. It is easy to do and looks great it really locks in your curl pattern plus some.

I have come up with a sure fire way for MY hair to get a perfect twist out, that lasts me at least three days, and looks better each day. **Disclaimer**  The reason why I emphasized on the "my" is because everyone's hair type is different. What may work for you may not work for you and vice versa. My hair is VERY thick and requires lots of moisture. Period. I have learned that my hair needs to be wet and thoroughly conditioned to get best results. Ready? Okay.. yeah I'm not about to type all this. I did a youtube video instead :)

.:: Products Used ::. 

Pre- Conditioner 


L.O.C method  (Leave in Conditioner, Oil, Cream) 

Now, to maintain my hair during the night I "pineapple" it. (Google it lol) I really hope this helps out. For more info on why the L.O.C method is effective click here 

How do you get a perfect twist out?

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  1. Such a great video! you look amazing


  2. Your hair is always on point, twist out or not!

  3. Cool hair girl! following you on GFC

  4. Natural hair is definitely alot to work with. But that twist out looks great on you. So does the natural makeup. Have you done a post about how you get your brows like that? They look amazing. -

  5. wow, our hair looks great :)

  6. wow awesome. your hair looks better after. i love it!

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    regards ^^

    Inge Lakawa

  7. Thank you so much dear... definitely a task. I haven't done a post but its certainly something to consider

  8. You look great! Love the hair! xxx


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