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Man Crush Monday || MANicure and Pedicure?

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Good Morning Man Crushes,

I have to be honest with you guys and tell you for me, the first thing I do is look at a man's shoes and nails. Your nails and the upkeep of your feet say a lot about you. Ladies, this applies to you as well. However, it's about the gentlemen today.

I decided to have a little fun and do a poll among guys. The question was

Do you get manicures and pedicures? I asked 50 guys (and/ or guy's Wives/ Girlfriends)

Yes- 20
No - 30

Unfortunately, these results were no surprise. Also most of these people who said "yes" admitted to only getting pedicures.

1 person said he gets more manicures than pedicures. Um, okay! lol

One guy told me he does his own... *pause*. LMFAOOO (The answer was no)

I even threw it way back and polled one of my exes from my twenties... he admitted he gets them and I started it. (Awww but *stale face*). Ha!

For all of you who never  had a manicure or pedicure, here is how it works.

1. Plop down in a big comfy chair that massages everything, I'm talking glute muscles if your salon is fancy enough. You have complete control of the speed and intensity

2. Relax your dogs in nice warm water that has been infused with whatever those people use, it smells gooood

3. They cut your toes nails down, and cut away any overgrown cuticle skin, then comes the exfoliation/ scrubbing. I highly recommend you go to an establishment that uses a pumice stone, this is MUCH better for your skin than a razor blade. This does not hurt but can be very ticklish (my son giggles like a girl)

4. Here comes the heavenly music and gates to the kingdom opening, They dry your feet off and lather you down with oil or lotion and the tech massages your feet and legs to the gods! *Sorry i'm losing it here* It feels so damn good!

5. Next comes the warm towel (depending on the salon/spa you choose). Paraffin is offered at many places for an extra fee, its basically a warm light wax applied to the feet to lock moisture.

6. They will ask if you want clear polish.. you do not. But hey if it floats your boat go ahead. But don't let it float your boat. lol.

The manicure is exactly the same minus the massage chair. And your hands are placed in a bowl of warm water.

There are a lot of guys out here who will NEVER wear flip flop without socks or go sock-less to the beach or water parks because of busted feet. Listen gentlemen, you can't help what God gave you... but you can help them from being crusty and beat up. There is NOTHING WRONG with pampering yourself, it's not gay, the guys won't judge you (hell, encourage them to join you), and no one will look at you as an alien that hopped from a UFO when you walk in a salon. Here's reasons why you should invest in having a monthly pedicure/ manicure.

  • It feels GOOD- Let me tell you something, you go to a salon and sit in a big massage chair while someone scrubs and massages your little piggies (same thing for hands). Yes gawd. *Eyes rolling in back of head*  I honestly have a full pedicure at LEAST once a month and my manicure every two weeks when I get my nails done... again, it is heaven. You should too... well at least once a month. If not every other month, geesh. 
  • Your feet look good- even if they are not the cutest, once all the gunk is scrubbed off and your cuticle are cut off your toes have a new appeal 
  • The ladies will appreciate it -(inserts wink) I just LOVE a man who has a petty especially laying around cuddling, there is nothing worse than alligator skin swiping across your leg or touching you for that matter (rough hands) ... okay?! I take my son to get pedicures just to get him in the swing of things. You're welcome future daughter in law. lol. In fact if your are dating someone or have a "lady friend", boo, side chick or whatever you call her... you want to impress. Go with her the next time she gets her mani/pedi. (And pay). It will definitely gain you some cool points, 
  • It is good for you- Clipping cutting, and cleaning of the toe nails prevents them from growing inward and causing infection. The elimination of dirt and bacterial from your feet will also help prevent nail disorders (fungi) and foot odors. (this includes manicures minus the odor o_O) It also is great for your circulation, the massaging we talked about is great for the blood flow and decreases tension. 
  • It doesn't cost a lot- The average pedicure is about 18-20 bucks for a basic one that includes everything I mentioned above. A manicure is about 7-10 dollars. For 30-40 dollars a month, it's worth it. 
  • You deserve it- Treat yourself.. don't cheat yourself. Some of you work on your feet.. take a load off. If you go to a fancy enough salon enjoy a glass of wine and read a magazine. *Coughs* A men's one of course. :) 

I found this uber funny article here. I think you would enjoy.
Here is another from a more educational point of view.

Moral of the story... get your nails and toes done! You can't name one reason why you shouldn't.

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  1. Haha love this, i actually am a mobile nail tech and i love nothing more than doing pedicures on people! I like their feet to look all pretty, although ive never done a pedicure on any male before other than my dad!

    Jess x

  2. YES to guys and nice nails/toes. My guy plays basketball so during the season his feet are the results of games 2x a week, lol. But after the season he'll get a pedicure.

    You know what though? I just cannot stand guys when they wear those slip on Nike shoes with no socks and toes are all out looking any kind of way with no shame, lmao. But hey, there have been times I've slipped off my pedicure game so I guess I feel them haha.


  3. This is interesting going to try and get my BF to do this hehe


  4. Yes! I wish I had a bf to do stuff like this with.. I would make him come at least once a month lol

  5. Okay!?!? But even when I'm slipping I just don't wear open toe shoes lolol.. Thanks for reading!

  6. That's really dope... See what I mean!? You should offer a guy deal or something to make them aware.

  7. This is too funny because hubby and I was just talking about this! I have a foot thing where I seriously canNOT touch anyone's feet but my own and he wants me to do a pedi for him! I said I'll pay to get you one done! We both always laugh about this! I am going to have him read this and see where it goes!

  8. HAHAHA! Yeah just take him with you the next time you go to the spa. Thanks for reading lovely


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