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New In || Retro 11 Low "Bred"

A little known fact about about me is that I'm a low key sneaker head. I am little obsessed with kicks. When it comes to my retro Jordans I am all in.
There are pairs that I just have to have. Two weeks before a pair drops,  I make proper arrangements and connections to secure my pair. (Yeah me and lines are done lol) This week was no different. As you all know the retro Jordans come out quite frequently nowadays but in limited amounts. With that being said, you either get a pair or you don't (unless you want to pay double via Ebay).
This my friends is the Air Jordan Eleven Low "Bred". (Black and Red). This are a remade edition of the original mid top version. I made the decision to get these because I ALWAYS miss the mid top pair. I missed them in high school and a few years back we they resurfaced. I was not missing these. Just look at them wrapped in patent leather goodness. *Blissful sigh*. Welp, into the coveted arsenal of sneakers they go. Did you cop a pair this weekend?

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  1. this looks nice

  2. Alyce WonderlandMay 25, 2015 at 9:36 AM

    These look great! Love the colour combination! :D

  3. Those looks so comfy

    Lots of love xxx
    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  4. Jordans are very cool, had some way back in the late 90's. I love sneakers still, but really into adidas right now. Though Nike is one of my faves!



  5. Right... I am such a sucker for black, white, and red lol

  6. Most of them are.. hopefully these will be no different I haven't even tried them on lol

  7. Yes, Adidas are dope. but girl gotta have my Js lol

  8. Lovely sneakers. Honestly, this is not my type of shoes but I liked these :) Regards,
    Domestic cleaners Hammersmith

  9. Shirlyn Sherry MobleyMay 26, 2015 at 10:35 AM

    Not a sneaker head but those are lovely!

  10. lol... you can't even deny them, even if you're not into them. Thanks for reading my dear

  11. Right... you don't even have to be a sneaker head to appreciate a good shoe. LOL! Thanks for ready Shiiirley :)

  12. I dont have a pair of these , but i just like the colour combo and i heard they are so light on tje feet it feels you're floating in the air. I have my eyes on the new sketchers . Lucky you , you got this at the right price.

  13. If I had this pair, I would sleep with them on. This is so dope. Love it
    Ps: your disqus takes longer time to load these days.

  14. Love these!! x

  15. me toooo! lol Thanks for reading.


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