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Fashion Friday || Stepping Through Spring

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Happy Fashion Friday Ladies and Gents. If you know me, you know I have a pure and unconditional love for shoes. I have tons of heels. flats, and sandals. As we are smoothly sailing through Spring and approaching Summer, you have go to make sure your footwork is together. Remember your shoes are the foundation of your look. I've been browsing the web the last few weeks and here are some kicks I've got to have. I also found a few must haves for you guys too. Oh, and each pair is $100 or less.


1. Espadrilles- H&M 
2. Tomboyish - New Balance 
3. Strappy Sandals - Mango 
4. Fringe Heels - Steve Madden 

With Spring comes Espadrilles these snakeskin ones from H&M are a must. I am a huge fan of New Balance these Tomboy sneaks are just too hot. I have never owned a pair of strappy sandals however, I think these from Mango may be my first. They are uber chic and would look adorbs with shorts or a knee length dress. These Fringly heels are definitely number one on my mist at the moment. I keep putting together looks for them and I just need them in my life. Period. I really need to stop playing and just purchase them already. 

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1. Driving Moccasin - Ted Baker 
2.Skater Style - Urban Outfitters
3. Runners- Finish Line

Whether it is okay for a man to wear sandals (I personally don't see the issue) is still up for debate. Thus the driving moccasin was created. They can be worn without socks and with shorts. They look soooo nice on a guys foot. Although they can be worn during the winter months with socks, the summer is the time for these babies to shine. Aside from New Balance, I love Vans on a guy. These shoes at most cost $60 and they come in every print, material, and color imaginable to man. Another shoe I totally root for is the Nike Roshe One. Listen, fellas and ladies for that matter. These shoes are THE MOST comfortable shoes I have every owned.... EVER. They are a dream I promise and they are so freaking stylish... and they are $75.00 for the most part. Yes, they can get pretty steep on Nike ID but that's if you plan on doing customizing. These shoes are a perfect spring/ summer shoe. Just like the Vans they come in several colors and prints. 

What are you wearing this Spring?
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  3. Funny enough the ones for the gent are appealing to me more. I love those vans , the look amazing


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