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Black, white, grey, nude, olive. Black, white, grey, nude, olive.. these are the colors that dominate my life at the moment. I love them all. Especially white. Like, that's all I see when I'm shopping. On a day to day basis I am not here for all the colors and busy prints.

.:: The Look ::. 
Jacket- J. Crew (Similar
Dress- H&M (Similar
Shoes- Converse 
Bag- H&M
Cuff- H&M
Spiked Bracelet- Mango
Watch- Michael Kors 

 Anyway, I was hanging with my homies at a an amazing local event call One Spark. What is it? Long story short it's "The World's Largest Crowdfunding Festival. deisgned to connect creators with the resources they need to bring their ides to life" Basically it's a huge festival of people with ideas and inventions. You can place votes on who you love and they win funds to help their dream. It was created right here in Jacksonville and is currently the only place that hosts this event... Cool right? It lasts 6 days.. unfortunately I was unable to go more than one day because of my own personal project.. more about that soon :)

I wanted to be chic and comfortable. I snagged this dress from H&M for 9.95 a month or so ago and couldn't wait for the perfect opportunity to wear it. It's soooo comfy... short with my butt.. but comfy lol. This event requires tons of walking so of course I went to my go to white all stars. When it comes to this fringe bag,  I am utterly obsessed. And to think I contemplated selling it! *Slaps hands to face screaming*. The heavy metal jewelry was to make the look more put together and the jacket (that i'm never getting rid of) gave me a pop of color.

I love this event because it reminds me EVERYONE has a dream.. I actually voted on two groups. I hope they win :). Dream big and fly high. 

.::Let's connect::.

To learn more about One Spark click here 


  1. love the look

  2. Beautiful! you have a great style, love the bag ;)
    Kisses from

  3. beautiful white chucks! lol

  4. That event looks really interesting!! You're working those accessories and neutrals <3
    and yay for the fringe bag too!!

  5. Hey babe, how are you?

    Great post though, i love it, thanks for sharing..

    Follow back if you don't mind.. :P

    Visit me whenever you have time;

    Anyway have a good day!

    Stay in touch.


  6. It was pretty fun but very overwhelming for one day lol... thanks for reading dear

  7. LOVING this look, so chic and cute! Just followed! xx

  8. Thank you so much beaut!!... I'm coming to do the same :)


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