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Crazy how things happen... in one week one gentleman hit me via Facebook messenger asking why I don't talk about men's fashion.. he wants to propose to his girlfriend and needs inspiration for proper attire. Another guy who I look up to fashion wise suggested that I have a section devoted to men's fashion. He explained that men look to women for inspiration because let's just face it, women are the number one drive behind a man looking good. With two requests in one week I couldn't just stand by and do nothing.

Truthfully, this is something I have battled with because I want to do it right... but when he made the point that men would rather get advice from a female than a fellow male... this slapped me dead in the face. So.. there you have it. I now have a day for you guys out there who just want help, or inspiration, or really give a damn what women think when it comes to a man's style. Because you all deserve fashion too. What you can expect from me?
  • How to wear...
  • Fashion Tips 
  • Menswear Designers
  • Fashion Inspiration via "Fashion Friday" (I do this every week for the ladies, I got you too)
  • What's Hot (You know, shoes, colognes, apparel)
  • If I can get some volunteers, looks... Real guys putting it together. 
  • Style Icon - If I see a guy who's style I adore I will share along with reasons why. 
  • And whatever else I can think of

With all this being said, let's start with.. when it comes to a man and style what do girls really like?

I actually took a poll from 37 (listen I couldn't find more) ladies ranging from the ages of 14 to 45, all races, different sense of styles. I did not include myself by the way :)...

When it comes to a male, how important is it that he has DECENT style?

A.) Very 
B.) Neutral 
C.) Doesn't really Matter 

The results are 
A.) 17 
B.) 20 
C.) 0 

"Men can always be tweaked a little or a lot"

"It varies by situation but it's important"

"...It's kind of vital, you have to have some kind of style, it goes hand in hand with your lifestyle."

"I dress very nice so I expect my eye candy or boyfriend to dress just as nice..."

"I took an old friend of mine out and he really wasn't dressed. I felt a little embarrassed even though we're not "together"..."

"That ish is a major turn on for me"

Even though most women were neutral not ONE said it doesn't matter.. take notes gentleman.
Long story short, girls like a guy who can dress, if not a maven at least decent!! Duh lol... There is nothing worse than a man who has no style. Let me get you all together really quick by what "no style" means.

You just don't give a damn at all... I mean geesh... You know what I'm not going there.

You guys can get VERY lazy and think that expensive means you have style. NO. I would not give one damn if you spent $900 on a pair of sneakers if they are ugly they are ugly. Or if you think you spent a lot of cash on clothing it looks does it fit? How are you going to put it together? Oh and stop saying you're "something" down is fly. Whack. Example "I'm Polo Down".. sound familiar? Granted there is nothing wrong with having a favorite designer but be open to other amazing designers and styles as well.

Which brings up the subject sneakers.. just because you have a gang of sneakers doesn't mean you have style either. Okay?! Sneakers are not a whole look. Again, what apparel are you going to wear with them?

Knowing what appropriate attire to wear for what. True story... I invited a guy to check out an art museum with me. He showed up wearing a crocodile patent leather baseball cap that said "KING" in big fat gold letter, a black v neck shirt, long Jesus chain, leather joggers, and Jordans, 12 "Taxis" to be exact. Sir!? Really? I seriously felt like the good girl who had a drug dealer boyfriend who was pretending to want to be "cultured"... yeah.

Which brings up the case of doing too much. Style is simple, style is you. Depending on your taste even too much can be too much. If that makes sense.

Proper fitting clothing. This one can get deep guys. It's okay to buy clothing that actually fits. Especially t shirts and suits.

This is why I am doing this. I want to help you guys from a woman's view. It's just so overwhelming... but I'm up for the challenge. Ladies, you're very welcome :)

To give you guys a quick boost let me introduce some of my favorite men fashion blogs. Yes, I have every type of style covered. Because let's just face it.. just like women men have different tastes too. Everything is not for everyone. - This guy's wife is actually a blogger I adore. She has started showing off his personal style this guy's style is just.. awesome. He shows you how to put on a suit and how to just wear everyday styles. Great site. This is for the guy who is Mr. Dapper. This guy wears suits. Period. This is for more of the eclectic dressers. Yes, wild prints and sandals. She's a chick giving male fashion advice from a chick's perspective. Love They talk about upcoming sneakers, they talk about brands, they talk about lifestyle. This is the male Fashion Bomb Daily. Want to know what Kendrick Lamar wore on SNL last night , or what brand of tee shirt Jay Z was wearing this is your source.
A few other sites are This a  tumblr account the but inspiration is SO real - This is even one of my favorites.. they keep you on point with allll of the dope kicks dropping. Follow them on Instagram too

I NEED help with this... guys please give me suggestions. Keep me up on what's new. Leave comments, send emails. Anything. I'm all for it. :)

.::Let's connect::.

Making my dreams come true,


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    I could write about this subject forever, and ever, and ever. And can we please make that line (Just because you have a gang of sneakers does not mean you have style) a t-shirt? $15 for a tee, $10 for a tank? I'll invest! - his wardrobe, down to the socks.


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