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Ipsy || March 2015 "Floral Fantasy"

My March Ipsy Glam Bag arrived and I wanted to do a quick review of what I got inside. If you're not sure what an Ipsy bag is, it's a $10 a month subscription where you received 4-5 full size and deluxe size beauty products in a cute themed makeup bag every month. 

.:: The Items ::. 
Marsk Mineral Eye Shadow (Fifty Shades)
SKYN Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels 
Acure Day Cream 
NYX Butter Lipstick (Pops)
Crown Oval Concealer Brush 

I have to admit this isn't one of the best bags I have received. However, I am pretty excited about a few of the products I got. For one I LOVE the neon hue bag. I have, been doing Ipsy for well over a year now and I have a few bags I frequent when it comes to traveling with my products. This one will be included. I am excited to try the firming eye gels. I notice that with age I have bags under my eyes... I don't care how much water I drink or sleep I get they are there. I am wondering if this product will help a bit. 
Another fave is the NYX butter lipstick. For the record I am obsessed with NYX products, they are cheap and great quality. They are easily available at Target and Ulta by the way. I have never used their butter lipstick but I must admit I like the consistency and the color I received for my skin tone. Okay.. okay let me stop being modest I'm OBSESSED with this stuff. It is definitely my new go to for a natural look....

If I have seen one eye shadow, I've seen them all but I like this loose mineral power and the color to create a smoky look. 

The Ipsy bag is great for a person who wants to get samples of beauty products from different and unheard of brands. I have been contemplating canceling my subscription because I said I was only doing it a year. But the idea of what I could be missing keeps me from clicking the cancel button. We shall see. Signing up is fairly easy. You simply take a quiz for them to evaluate your needs, skin tones, and preferences. And boom you're in.. after you get through the waiting list. :( 

.::Let's connect::.

Making my dreams come true, 


  1. I love the bag & your makeup looks flawless! :]


  2. I love floral prints I think they are really cute

  3. Nice products dear!

    thanks for sharing!

    i follow u via gfc


  4. Right!? Do you do Ipsy? If so what are your thoughts on it?

  5. Thank you my love... I'm heading over to follow you back :)

  6. Hey, what's up, you alright..?

    Great post hun, thanks for sharing.

    Visit me whenever you have time;

    Kisses, enjoy your week. xXx.

  7. Eyebrows on fleeeeeekkkk!! Your make up is stunning babes! Also loving the make up bag, i love floral colours x

    Jess x

  8. I've heard a lot of good things about ipsy. Maybe I'll try it. Great post!

  9. Chic and AlluringApril 2, 2015 at 10:51 PM

    Wow, I think this is one of the best bags in a long time! I canceled Ipsy over the Summer, just because I had products up the wazoo. Lol.

  10. Girl I keep saying i'm going to cancel but like I said the idea of missing something good makes it hard! THANK YOU for introducing me to this! lol

  11. Hey! I'm good.. you? lol Thank for stopping by

  12. Try it.. try iiiiit! Thanks for reading :)

  13. Right!? That's how they get you as soon as you're ready to cancel they do a cool bag as such. I don't have THAT many products so I will let it stick around a bit.


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