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Sweet Savannah

Salmon Quiche
Goose Feathers Cafe 
39 Barnard Street, Savannah Georgia, United States 

420 W Bryan Street 
Savannah Georgia, United States
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Shirt- H&M 
Jeans- H&M 
Booties - H&M 
Bag- H&M 
Cape - Boohoo 

If you know me, you will know it's no secret that every year my friends and I take a yearly retreat to visit Savannah Georgia during St Patrick's Day weekend. It is a known fact that this city hosts one of the largest parties to celebrate the holiday. There is nothing short of people, green, open containers, and fun! Even though this weekend it was just me and my bestie (everyone bailed on us :(  ) We still had an amazing time. If you ever visit this gorgeous city you have got to do the slow ride! Just make sure you have some people who will actually pedal tho! lol Here are a few pics from my weekend shenanigans. :)

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  1. Amazing outfit, head to toe
    Cool photos, always like to visit your blog

  2. Stunning photos, ah everything looks so amazing

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  3. It really was a nice time Candice.. thanks for viewing.

  4. Lovely pictures, looks like a fun outing , love your bag.

  5. Such amazing pics. I see you enjoyed.

  6. Girl it really was! Thanks for reading as always :)

  7. It really was! Thanks for stopping by

  8. Thank you dear..


  9. It looks like so much fun! That salmon quiche looks really good too, was it tasty? I'm a huge salmon lover haha x

  10. It was soooo tasty!!! I love salmon too lol


  11. Looks like a fun crowd. That ghost tour hearse is hilarious!

    :] // ▲ ▲

  12. Lol.. It was but they say that the place went to are truly haunted. Who knows. It was all good fun. Thank for stopping by love

  13. Oh the slow ride looks interresting. Nice selection of pictures. By the way, what's the story about St Patrick? I prefer the short version from you than the long version from Wikipedia. Lol.


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