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S/S 2015 Shopping Guide

S/S 2015 Shopping Guide

Happy Fashion Friday all! With the Spring season rapidly approaching it's time to put away those heavy Winter pieces and start to roll out the light materials, open toe sandals, and brights. Let's be honest and new season warrants a reason to shop. I want to give you a quick guide on things that will be hot for the season.

Oxfords/ Loafers - Zara 
Espadrilles - Just Fab 
Booties-  Zara 
Strappy Heels - Zara

One of the biggest things that are going to be trending for the season will be espadrilles. Period. I am seeing these pop up everywhere. I can't WAIT to get my hands on a pair. Strappy heels are back... actually they never went anywhere. Invest in a staple piece or two to switch out with different looks. Booties are still going to be very relevant especially a cowgirl style with a fringe. Oxfords and loafers are going to be pretty big.. look for these while you're expanding your wardrobe. The great thing about these in particular is that that will transition lovely into your fall wardrobe. So pick a pair of quality whereas they will be around for a while. One thing that never goes out of style are colorful sneakers, I can guarantee you different brands won't disappoint. Look for Nike Roshes, New Balance, and even Nike Freestyles. They always have lovely colors to select from. 

.:: Bags ::. 
Mini - Zara 
White- Zara 
Neutral Structured- H&M 

Three things, mini, white, neutral, structured. Wait that was four lol. This season these things are going to be the thing. Mini bags have been making their way to the scene since last summer. I foresee this trend disappearing no time soon. Get a cute white or nude color structured bag. It's going to pair well with your beige, light colors, and whites

.:: Accessories ::. 
Geometric Cuffs - Forever 21, Forever 21
 Necklace - Forever 21 
Scarves - H&M 
Floppy Hats - H&M

If you don't purchase anything on this list, at least sample and play around with geometric bangles and cuffs. These cut bracelets are going to be HOT this season. Another thing that you should look into are stone necklace, rings, and bracelets. And most definitely pendant necklaces. I know for myself I love to go for more of a boho chic vibe during the warmer months and brands like H&M, UO, and F21 are making it so easy to accomplish with their array of jewelry. Floppy hats and fedoras are still going to relevant this season... in fact, they match the whole boho vibe.. if that's what you're going for. And well scarves... they never go out of style. Look for floral prints, sheer materials, and light colors. 

.:: Clothing ::. 
LBD (Little Black dress) - H&M 
Sweater Cardigan- H&M 
Wrap Style Dresses - Zara 
Crisp White Button Down - H&M 
White Pants - Boohoo 
Asymmetrical Skirts - Zara 
Kimono - Zara 

Let's just break this down piece by piece.. LBD this is something every woman should own. And it's not limited to one. For the upcoming months look for a sleeveless one, shoot... even a mock neck one like the one recommended. It should be lightweight and convertible meaning it can be worn with a flat, casual sneaker, or heel. Cardigans are awesome because they too can be worn year round especially during the spring months when the air is a little cooler. Look for a neutral color oversized one. It can be paired with shorts, jeans, skirts, and even dresses. It's a universal layering piece and a lovely alternative to wearing a jacket. 

Wrap style dresses are perfect for just about any shape. Get out there and try on a few and have this piece as a great casual day look. And for the night out on the town for that matter. A crispy white button down should be a staple in your closet. It is like a white tee but much more mature. If you haven't gotten one already... now is the time. White, white, white.. during the spring and summer months get into loving white. A pair of white jeans, white slacks, white skirt, just have it okay? lol. 

Another big thing this season will be asymmetrical skirts and dresses. These are SO freaking cute to me. I love this trend. I can't wait to snag a maxi one to wear with booties. These come in an assortment or prints and material.. get out there and see if this trend works for you. The almighty kimono... ah. This trend is not going anywhere. Please believe me on this. For the season look for sheer materials, and floral prints. Wear this with whatever... and I mean that. Whatever... there is not wrong way to wear a kimono as long as you feel confident while you're doing it. 

I think that about does it for now. What are your thoughts on shopping for the Spring? What trends are you wanting to try?
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  1. I adore every piece! I think I will take one of everything!:)


  2. the blue heels

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  4. You are so spot on with the trends and your thoughts on styling are amazing! I agree with so much of whay you said. I love and will forever love booties, and strappy heals. They just go with so many outfits, adore them. Thanks for the visit to my blog recently, and for leaving a comment. I'll be following you from now on through G+, Bloglovin, and Instagram. Hope you wil follow me as well :)) Have a lovely week!


  5. I figured we would see eye to eye based on your blog! lol. Anywho, thank you much for following me I am now doing the same! Have a great week too dear.

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