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Crackle and Fade

4890 Big Island Dr 
Jacksonville, Fl United States

.:: My Look::.
Jacket- Gap 
Jeans- Forever 21
Top- Choies 
Bag- H&M 
Shoes - H&M 
Lips- NYX Matte Lip Creme "Transylvania" 

I really don't have much to say about this look other than the fact I felt like being a casually chic grown up today to run errands and eat ultimately delicious burgers with my son at this place I've been wanted to try. Even though he was on his phone the entire time... teenagers... I think the uber thick coffee shake was a hit for him.
Oh, and I LOVE my leather low profile boots from H&M be prepared to see these many times before the weather "officially" warms up :).
Making my dreams come true, 


  1. wow you have a teenage son you look pretty amazing for a mum.
    Loving your boots.

  2. yes yes yes! everything on fleek

  3. Hi Ash! What a beautiful shirt you are wearing! Can I have it? Nah, I am just kidding! You look beautiful babe!

  4. Girl I know right!? lol... Thank you very much!

  5. Nice outfit! I like the H&M bag so much. I bought it recently. Your shirt is really beautiful. I just join your blog, I like it. Check out mine too and do follow back too. Kiss

  6. Thank you! I overly love this bag! Soooo happy I was able to get it in black... I already had the taupe one.

  7. Nice outfit. Loving that bag

  8. This is gorgeous outfit! I love the looks you put together :)



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