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Childish Ways

I don't know if it was the fact I was wearing a Mickey t-shirt that set the my mood for the day or the fact that I was completely comfortable with my clothing that left me at peace today and full of laughter. Myself, my son, and my friend Zach headed to the Riverside part of town, visited the park (the weather was AMAZING), and headed to Tijuana Flats for the oh so delish Taco Tuesday special. I must say my son was surely embarrassed being that his mother and her 6'3 best friend were walking down the street remixing Drake's "know yourself" laughing and screaming. It is safe to say I truly embraced my childish ways today. Sometimes you just have to let loose and not give a damn what other people think. Its good for the soul to laugh.

.:: The Look ::. 
Top- Forever 21 (Similar, Plus Size
Joggers- Forever 21 
Bag- Forever 21 (Similar
Bangle - Old 
Shoes- Finish Line  
Lips- MAC Ruby Woo 

Tijuana Flats 
2025 Riverside Ave 
Jacksonville, United States 

Anyway, if you want to see my wacky story from this day find me on Snapchat before it's gone - AshleyTamarra. Until next time my loves..
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  1. this comfy outfit looks great on you! Great photos dear!:)


  2. It's always great to embrace our inner look so happy on these make me feel better just looking at them- so full of positive energy!

    the mickey tee is so cute...fantastic sporty look!

    I bet you two dancing and singing was a sight...but you're right- we shouldn't care what others least once in a while.


  3. Thank you for this comment! That's all its about positive energy and being overall happy!

  4. Thank you... you know a lot of that stuff is back now. It fits right in too lol

  5. Lol that was so cute. Always embrace your inner child. It's hard for me to accept being an "adult" because I love having fun and being weird. Once you become an adult I feel like society expects you to be so professional the time. -

  6. exactly! Thanks for stopping by pretty lady.

  7. Propa adorable! I love your blog. Followed
    Check out my blog when you can :)


  8. Thank you!!! I'm heading over to your place now :)


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