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Record Time

One thing I promised myself this year was to take more time with being fashionable no matter where I go. Excluding the grocery store or food run or... you know what. Whatever. lol I have made promises to be more fashionable in most cases. Saturday was one of those cases whereas I was invited to a bridal shower/ dinner. The fed ex truck literally dropped these beautiful kicks off at my doorstep 2 hours prior to these pictures being taken. I think that's record time for me. Lol. As soon as I tried on this $10 pair of booties on it was immense love. Oh, did I mention $10? That's right.. Shoedazzle is hosting a MASSIVE sale offering 30% off all their sale items. Let's just say I racked up and saved hundreds. I have also learned with fashion you can never go wrong with a all black clothing. So I grabbed a old turtleneck top out of the drawer, ironed up my slacks, and threw on my Olivia Pope style coat and I was out. 

.::My Look::. 
Shirt- Target (old) Similare here and here 
Pants- Forever 21 
Heels - Shoedazzle 

As far as the Shoedazzle sale goes the fine print says the expiration date is at the discretion of them, so if I were you I would act fast. 

Making my dreams come true, 


  1. i am crazy about those shoes...damn

  2. I see you got the VIP treatment, huh! You look great!

  3. I can see why you put it on immediately. I would have done the same, fab shoes!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you.. me too! lol Thanks for stopping by Candice

  5. Love the b&w look! You look great!

  6. I just love black and white! it makes for a very chic look.

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  7. You have good taste in shoes and know how to dress your body .


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