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Day // Night

Day // Night

Happy Friday babes!

First off all let's talk about this sweatshirt. I am not going to even front and say I didn't immediately buy it from H&M in white within seconds of seeing it. It's like the famous $500.00 Rag and Bone "Tailia" sweater.. but it's a sweatshirt. Even better news, it is currently on sale for $9.95 right here . This "online deal" lasts until 1/21/2015. If I were you (which I was a few days ago) I would act accordingly. You're welcome. Gosh I love H&M.

Let's get on to the point of this post. Have you ever had on a look that you just didn't want to take off? I have you covered. I decided to give you two options on how to style the sweatshirt. Okay so.. day time skinny pants, duster jacket, uber big bag, and beanie just to make it look cool.

You get a call to hang out for a date or the new lounge in town? Cool. Snatch that beanie off throw you hair up in a messy bun,  put on a sexy red lip, dump all your junk from that bag and transfer to a clutch. Throw on your grown up coat and heels.. and whooosh. You're ready to go. It sounds like a lot but you will be so cute it will all look effortless.

I cant WAIT to get my sweatshirt! Don't wait... go get yours NOW.

Making my dreams come true,


  1. So comfortable in the tennis shoes!

  2. Me likey.... Those shoes< double like

  3. Wow, I really like this look; it looks so glamorous without seeming try-hard (you know what I mean? Lol).


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