Fashion Blogger... or Whatever

What's In My Phone?

 I try to be a little personal with this blog, I've mentioned before there are so many fashion bloggers out there we know nothing about.. not even a real first name. What's in my phone's camera roll? Oh nothing too exciting just a few inspirational quotes, a  plethora of  selfies, ignorant screen shots I exchange with friends, and let's not forget fashion inspiration. A little look into my life. Don't be expecting to see anything TOO outrageous.. I'm a lady *wink*.  LOL!


 Gotta get a duster coat 
 Sent this to a VERY aggressive UNO player 
 Future hair style possibly?? 

What's in your phone? 

Making my dreams come true, 


  1. I mostly have pictures of my hair, food, and beauty products. Lol! Merry Christmas, doll!


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