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New York Minute

New York Minute
Happy Fashion Friday! Today we are going to discuss the power of staple heels. Someone once asked me why I buy so many shoes. Because they are the foundation to any look. Shoes can and will make or break your entire look. There is nothing worse than a person who looks amazing clothing wise and totally frumps the look with the wrong shoe and handbag. Staple heels are your go to shoes for almost any look you want to accomplish.

Today's look is a simple basic tshirt and minimal destroyed jeans. These (must have on my wish list) leopard pumps take the look from just okay to oooh la la. This look went from basic and everyday to something quite chic in a New York minute. The great thing about this whole look... coat included is that it can be worn over and over and over again with different combinations, looks, and occasions. My advice, stock up on staple heels!!! These include a pair of black, nude, and leopard pumps...preferably pointed toe. If you have those three heels in your wardrobe you will rarely have to wonder what heels to wear..ever... trust me.

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  1. This is perfection, pure perfection. And I want those heels.

  2. I agree with you. A great pair of pumps can make such a huge difference. I love these leopard pumps!


  3. Amazing post!
    everything is perfect!

    Pearls and Roses

  4. The camel coat is to die for. Amazing post!



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