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New In: Heels

As you all know may or may not know I am proud a Shoedazzle member. I have had my membership for about a year.. what you all didn't know is that I have been a Justfab member for the same amount of time... however, I never utilized it. Why? Well here's why. Anyway, being the ultimate online browser that I am I often go on the site to see what I can see just in case they have something I want. This month the definitely caught my attention. My wish list is full of boots, heels, and bags right now. Smh.

I also ordered my first shipment of the boots below.. and I am SO happy I did. These boots are EVERYTHING. After discounts, account credits and whatever they came to $33 with free shipping. The shoe is VERY well made.. I did order a half size larger because I know with Shoedazzle their items tend to run a wee bit on the smaller side so I figured it would be the same scenario with Justfab. I always say you can work with bigger but never smaller. So happy I did because they fit perfect.

Needless to say I was immediately infatuated and wore them 2 days after they arrived. 

On to Shoedazzle... I haven't ordered from them in a while because I didn't see anything that made my heart sing loud enough to shell out the $39+ dollars for a pair of shoes. Let me tell you something... marketing is real. I checked my email earlier this week and low and behold these folks threw a little "pssst... all heels, flats, and wedges are buy one get one free (3 days only)" message my way. Man listen, I went back and fourth about if I really wanted to do this *holding mouse cursor over "place order" button* day after day until the last day. I watched "eh, maybe I should get these heels" sell out. The pressure was severe I couldn't take it. I really wanted the magenta pair and got the snakeskin platforms because they were free and you can never go wrong with a pair of them in your wardrobe. The only thing is... now I have TWO sites to remember to skip monthly in the event I don't want to be charged the pretty little $39.95 fee whereas I am not a VIP member of both. *Sighs*...


These actually were a pleasant surprise when I opened the box.. they stand a whopping 6.5 inches however they are extremely comfortable. I got them in an 8.5 but probably could've gone with my actual size in this case... they run a tad large meaning they are true to size. Either way, I loved them so much I wore them over the weekend. lol.. (I don't get out much)


I can't really say much about these aside from the fact that I am happy to own them. I don't know how they work out comfort wise because I have yet to really wear them. As far as being true to size this fit perfect so going up a half size wasn't a bad choice. The bow on either shoe is a tad wrinkled so maybe I will apply some heat to them with an iron. 

Do you have a shoe membership? To sign up for Just fab click here  .. Shoedazzle here. I believe as a new member you get two pair for $39.95 so get to clicking and find out!

Making my dreams come true,


  1. Love the pink shoes!

    1. Me too! I can't wait to actually wear them

  2. Amazing shoes! You look great! :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Oh the boots! I love them. And the pink shoes too.

    1. Thank you! the boots are def my fav of the three!

  4. Love the boots like crazy!!!!!!

    1. Yessss they are def my fav of the three :)


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