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Just a Little Bit

Just a Little Bit

Happy Friday babes.. guess what today is? Lol you guessed it FASHION FRIDAY. This week let's talk about something I am now a fan of... bodysuits. Let me explain why I love them so much. It's all about the illusion effect. I don't know about you all but nothing irritates me more than when I have a blouse tucked in and it always tends to ride up or get the bunched up effect from my bottoms. Bodysuits prevent that people.

They have become so popular and vary so much. You can find body suits in the form of long sleeve, short sleeve, racer back, cut out tops, and wrap style. Which brings me to the topic of today..a cut out version. How sexy is it to wear a form fitting skirt with sky high pumps.. Add a cut out bodysuit and bam! You've got just a little bit of everything... skin, sexiness, while still maintaining your conservativeness. If it's cold out throw on a uber chic leather (or faux) moto jacket and finish off the look with a contrasting clutch. Just a little bit of everything goes a long way... ha.

Making my dreams come true,

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Bodysuit - Boohoo 
Jacket - Nasy Gal 

Oh and by the way these Tony Bianco pumps are high on my wardrobe's  priority list along with the nude and leopard version. They are MUST have staples. What's at the top of your list? 


  1. Hmm. I have the complete pieces to recreate this look except the leather jacket. I really need to get one but the way the weather in my country is set up won't allow me be great. Lol

    1. Honey your country is no different from mine... I live in Florida! Our weather is sure enough bi-polar. LOL! Anyway, go ahead and put your pieces together and post it I'm sure you will look amazing.. thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I need a leather jacket like that.

  3. My favorite kind of combination <3

    Maggie A


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