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Before we begin, let me explain. In addition to discussing fashion I also want to include others in my journey with this blog. I have decided to share the world with people who I find interesting. I always have wanted to do my part to give people recognition and exposure. What better way than through what I am most passionate about? Every week I will be featuring either a brand, artist, or person who is doing something positive and influential. 

For my first interview I would like to introduce you all to a person who I admire both fashionably and business wise. A 29 year old Jacksonville, Fl native always dressed to the nines known as Turk. He is a well known event planner, host of grand events, and as he calls himself "a creator of epic things". With all this guy juggles, I was fortunate enough catch up with him!

Who are you?
I go by the name of Turk

What is it that you do?
I don't really have a name for what I do because I do so much.... MC event planner, visionary..  I just pride myself on creating  epic things.

What inspired you to begin, what is your background story?
Well, my senior year in high school me and my best friend decided to throw a graduation party.  We made up some paper flyers and skipped school for two weeks We went to other schools' lunches and spread the word. We threw the party and it got shut down fairly early because the people were spilling into the street. It wasn't quite project X, but it was on a major level and we just both were  so amazed, he went off to school in Virginia and I started making a name for myself here in the nightlife scene.

How long have you been doing this?
Well I'll be 30 this year so that will make it actually 13 years I've been providing quality nightlife solutions for people.

How do you feel you have impacted people in our city?
We all know back in a day like in the  70s and 80s our parents they took pride in what they wore and How they looked when they went out to the nightclub.  I feel like I brought that vibe back to nightlife back when me and (my friend) Lance would wear suits and ties to Martini Mondays and deep blue back in '06 and '07. Come through Jim's place on Wednesday  in a button up, jeans and loafers when everyone else had on Jordan outfits and Girbaud jeans. Once I really started pushing my own events I stuck to a strict dress code and made myself known for quality events that didn't allow for rift raft.  I just brought the whole dressing up game back to the nightlife. If you look around the whole upscale formula today is the same one I had 8 years ago.

You're a pretty fashionable guy, what or who gives you inspiration?
Mostly inspired by the Russell Westbrooks, Dewayne Wades, and the LeBron James of the world. Except when it comes to how Russell dresses I try to dumb it down just a little, because he goes over the top . Don't get me wrong I like it, but he  just takes it to a whole other level sometimes. So I like to play off some of those guys ideas and just make them my own.

What is your favorite fashion trend for men... and women?
Right now for men I'm digging the printed pant, big fan of the velvet slipper, and overall the freakiest way to make "formal" look fun. As far as women trends it is just so much that women can do that it becomes difficult for me to pinpoint what fashion looks like from their perspective.

Least favorite fashion trend?
I hate tights in public, I feel like it's workout/house are not fit the club. And men in Non-tailored suits.  Both are inappropriate! But I hate the tights the most. Lol

When you're not hosting what do you do in your spare time?
I coach boys basketball which is taking up a big bulk of my time and It is really rewarding.

3 random facts about you
I love to paint
I recently took a stab at interior design
I love watches

What was the most successful event you hosted, promoted, sponsored?
3.26.2015 is the biggest most important event I will ever do. STAY TUNED this is going to be like no other event Jacksonville has ever seen, and of course you are on the guest list! (me not you, lol!) 

What would you like to see more of as far as night life is concerned?
Unity! There is so much talent in Jacksonville in all different genres whether it's fashion, arts, music, runway, nightlife,  just so many people that can do so many things and we can put the city on the map. There is no reason we aren't just as bubbly as Orlando, Atlanta, or Tampa. We just have to come together and make everyone recognize what good Jacksonville has to offer.

What does the future hold for you and your brand?
At this point the sky is the limit, I have a lot of different things going on as far as TV, radio, and a men's boutique idea that's being tossed around that I'm working on that I can't really speak on at this point but the possibilities are limitless.

When's the next event?
First Friday! Every month is always one of my favorite events. With the holidays coming up there will be some very special one of events that come out of no where that people will really get a kick out of.

If you are looking to have a good time in the city, Turk's events are definitely ones that I attend when I am not being a granny at home or course lol. To keep up with Turk and all of the events he contributes to, find him on Instagram @HostedByTurk. Also check out his website you enjoyed this post feel free to tweet it, mention it, or share it via facebook! Who is next? You will have to sit tight to find out. :) 

Making my dreams come true, 


  1. Thanks for introducing us to Turk, Ash! He seems like a fun guy. God, I love the bow ties!

    1. Thank you for reading Nerline... he said he blushed when he read this comment lol

  2. What a great post!!!!!!! I love it!

  3. i see people having fun

    1. Come on down and let's have fun together lol...



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