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Wish List: Black White, and a Splash

Black, White, and a Splash


I know I know.. it has been forever since I did a wish list. So for Fashion Friday I fully intend on giving you all  heads up of what I will be snagging next. Or in some cases, already snagged. I am always on the hunt. It's really scary how drawn to black am I these days along with things of simplicity.
 Let's start with the bold silver necklace. I mentioned before in the fall prediction post that silver and or gun  metal was going to showing up. Low and behold forever 21 brought out this awesome extremely gaudy necklace for me to get my hands on. The over sized tote bag is also adorned with silver... leaving my predictions of silver to be true. This yellow trench coat from Zara is everything to me... do you hear me!??! Everything. I really need it in my life. The overly destroyed black jeans a definite must for me. Even if i don't get these I need.. yes, need a pair ripped at the knees. I decided to sell my other cut-out booties because in reality they just weren't the look I was going for. I fully intend to replace them with these Balenciaga replicas asap.

Which is your favorite? What's currently on your wish list? Do we follow each other on Polyvore?

Making my dreams come true,


  1. That trench is amazing! Love the color and everything about this post.


    1. Right! I NEED the jacket, lol. Thanks for stopping by Miranda.

  2. The jeans are sooo cool love it :)

  3. Red and yellow are always great splashes of color! Love the tote bag too!

    1. I totally agree! Thanks for reading Robin


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