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Check Mate

Check Mate

I can't believe it is Friday AGAIN... and thank goodness I am ready for my weekend to commence. Today for Fashion Friday let's have a little discussion about plaid/ tartan/ checker tops. First of all one of the best things about the Fall is that it is the appropriate time to sport these men like blouses. They are warm, stylish, and so comfy. When shopping for one.. look for a print with a larger check, no more than 3-4 color combos (looks less cheap), and try to stick to as close to 100% cotton as possible. Not only do check blouses look cool, they are also versatile. In the case of today's look I would rock this tucked in and buttoned to the neck with the fashionable neck candy tucked neatly under the collar. BUT, the next time you see me this same shirt may be tied around the waist.. or opened and served as a layering piece over a boyfriend tee.

Ragged jeans are it right now... I already own a few. However, I don't own any this destroyed that MUST change. A tip when purchasing them... they should not be so tight your thigh meat looks suppressed. Instead try buying a size up to really give them the "boyfriend" look. Tight is not right. Remember that.. kay?

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  1. i love the combo and the choice of shoe

  2. Aesome outfit! Perfect for fridays! I wore something similar today :)
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