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A Few of My Favorite Things...

I think we all have life staples, you know things we can not live without. It hit me a few days I really have go to products and items and I don't care how much or how little they are I have to have them. And they are as follows..

1. Low Top Black and White Converse All Star- No matter how hard I tried, truth is I can't shake these shoes! Now, it is a fact I got rid of all the colorful Chucks I owned... but there is nothing like a dirty pair. Black or white. I truly believe they are one of the top 10 shoes any fashionista should own. There... I said it.

2.  EOS Lip Balm- This stuff gives my lips LIFE okay honey?.. I love the fact that it is not sticky and with a variety of flavors/ scents to choose from so yummy. I love putting this under a matte lip stick to ensure it does not dry out.

3. NYX Butter cream "Tiramisu"- The first time I tried a butter cream was with my Ipsy Glam bag subscription a few months ago I was hooked. I love Tiramisu because it's tint gives my lips the perfect nude look for my skin tone...

4. Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Styling Butter- This stuff is like CRACK to my hair.. When I am having a lazy day which is quite often. I dampen my hair with a coconut oil and water mix in spray bottle and I comb this through my hair as I twist it. Soooo much moisture! It's a little price at 12.00 for 5 ounces but I don't care.. I don't care.. I have got to have it. I even did a review on it here

5. Boyfriends Tees all colors- No lie about the all colors... I find myself wearing mostly, black white, and grey though. Perfect for a jean and tee day with a pair of my black or white chucks. i specifically like the Mossimo ones from Target.

6. Michael Kors Watch- I have a few, but my over sized menswear one is always a go-to. I find myself wearing alone or stacking a gang of assorted bangles with it depending on what I'm wearing. i'm not saying to have to have a designer one, but every person should own a good watch.

7. H&M destroyed boyfriend jeans- These are everything to me... I bought them a size or two big to really give me the bag/ boyfriend look. I find myself wearing these with heels, sneaks, and booties. Def one of my better purchases.

8. Satin Bonnet (LOL!!)- Heck yeah, if you're wearing your hair natural you know exactly what this is about! Give me my bonnet! I will spare you all pictures :)

9. Zara Ankle Strap Heels- My go to heels, as soon as I saw these online last year I snatched them. They are perfect for anything. Dresses, skirts, jeans, whatever. I love them because they are extremely chic and are not too high. However, I don't recommend wearing them for long periods of time... like on a casino cruise.... my feet where on fiiiire *singing fire*

10. Valentino "Valentina" Perfume- Ah, this was a Valentine's day gift.. it is so soft but yet so bold. I am not good at describing scents but this is definitely one of my favorites when I step out. Go sample and buy.

What are your favorite things? How was you weekend?

Making my dreams come true,


  1. My weekend was great!!! now I want to go get the NYX Butter cream :D.. the perfume bottle alone **LOVE!

  2. hmmmm i think i will get myself that perfume the bottle look so good

  3. Awesome favourite things !!

  4. The tees and the converse.. I love! I'm such a boy!!

    I tagged you on my this or that post girl. Do check out mine!

  5. My weekend was pretty eventful! I flew to Miami, saw One Direction perform, flew back. Lololol. As far as favorite things go, speaking of haircare, right now I'm really into this hair lotion that I discovered recently. It's called "Olive Oil Hair Lotion" or something like that, and it costs maybe $3 at Target. It makes my unruly ends so soft and healthy looking.

  6. Great post! I looove to wear boyfriend jeans!
    You'r such a beautiful person!

    Keep in touch :)

    1. aaaw thanks so much Sonja and thanks for stopping by! xx


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