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 Sweatshirt- Urban Outfitters (sold out but this one can be snagged here) //Pants - Urban Outfitters (Sold out) Similar here// Heels Zara (Sold out) Similar Here// Necklace- Forever 21// Bag-Forever 21

When I saw this sweatshirt on Urban Outfitters some months ago I knew it would be mine. I didn't know how I would rock it but I knew it would be in my closet when I needed it. I had also snagged these sweatpants from UO a few months ago as well. Did I imagine I would be wearing these two together?!? NOPE lol. So, here's the deal. I've been trying to "dress out of my closet" versus running to the mall to buy something every time I go out somewhere. Turns out I can get really creative. And save money.. well sort of. :)

When it comes to fashion do I really care or try hard? Do I want to be like the next? Do I care what people think about what I wear?... Or if they like it? Am I Cocky? NOPE..

Making my dreams come true,


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