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Fall Predictions

Fall Fashion Predictions
Aaaah.. Fall. I can feel it in the air, okay I'm lying. I'm in Florida and everyday I step outside I can literally feel my skin being baked alive!! Anyway, can you believe the time has come again!? It seems like it was just yesterday the SS 2014 campaigns were rolling out displaying sheer fabrics, whites, and tribal prints.
Now its time for Autumn/ Winter fashion and I can't be more excited! FYI AW is my favorite time of the year. I get to pull out leathers, heavy coats, and faux furs. I couldn't be more happy! Of course the runways have already spoken what the trends will be and they are oh so fabulous... but come on, would you all seriously try to wear fast food handbags or mod style clothing daily? (No shade) Good thing for us street style heavily varies from runway style. I was recently interviewed for the first time as a blogger and I was asked what my predictions would be for the fall. To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to make an actual post about it.

Call Me Mellow Yellow

I don't know why but I think the color yellow is going to an "it" color for the season. It's quite evident whereas H&M has been showing hints of the tone via dresses and sweaters. I'm so down. Even though the cooler months make us gravitate toward darker colors its relieving to have a color that POPS in the mix.
With that being said start looking for yellow sweaters, handbags, silk blouses, pencil skirts, or trousers. You will be thankful you did. :)

Moto Babe

I really hope you weren't mad enough to throw away your moto boots and biker style jackets. And by mad i mean crazy. If not go you! I think this trend will still be fairly relevant.. if you did. Eh, well you may want to try to reinvest and NEVER do that again. Moto fashion is timeless and seems to come back year after year... I don't think this year will be any different. So go ahead wear that leather biker jacket with those ripped jeans and heels.

Things to look for

  • Biker jacket (blended, leather, or faux leather)
  • Moto boots, flat and ankle length
  • Biker jeans (the ones that look like motorcycle jeans)
  • Leather panel pants and skirts
  • Jeans ripped at the knee

Heavy Metal

I'm sure I don't speak for myself when I say truly enjoy rocking gold accessories. However, I think for the fall gunmetal is going to make a grand entrance. That's right, I think big gaudy/ bold gunmetal necklaces and bracelets are going to take street fashion by storm. I for one am always looking for change and trying new things so I welcome this trend with open arms. Move out of the way yellow gold! Well not out of the way but slightly over.


Have you ever heard of the fashion trend Normcore? No? Be enlightened
I have always seen it but never really knew what it was called. I learned the term from blogging and going blog to blog. It originally started as no fashion at all.. think "uncool dad".. you know tee shirts, "ugly" sneakers, fanny packs, and God knows what else. Jerry Seinfield/ mom/ 70s and 80s are key points.
Someone decided to revolutionize it and made it a fashion trend. Instead of wearing a 5.00 v-neck Haines tshirt one was inspired to wear a 50.00 crew neck tee from J-crew. A lot of people hate the term "normcore" and call it faux fashion. In fact it receives backlash... severely. I even read somewhere "Made-up word for dressing (on purpose) like you don't care about your appearance in order to look like so-called "normal" people."
With all the negative being said about it... the fact remains it is a fashion trend that is here.. for now. Yes, ladies I truly believe saying forget it and dressing well... normal will be popular this season. It's really nothing flashy about this type of fashion. BUT this is a sure fire way to be fashionably casual. Wait.. does that make sense?
I expect to see black tees, beanies, turtle necks, athletic sweatshirts, long wool coats (a hoody underneath even), and sleek sneakers such as all stars and nike trainers to show up within the next few months. Don't want to be totally plain Jane? Dress your look up with a bold lip and large shoulder bag. Shoot, you can even rock out with heels. There is no wrong way to be your definition of normal. 

The easiest way to jump on the bandwagon for this trend.. Google. "Normcore fashion", "Normcore street style" are great ways to get inspiration. Instead of cashing out at A.P.C and J Crew check your local thrift store. Do some DIY destroyed jeans if you're feeling frisky.

Although I can go on for pages... these are the top things I think you can expect to see this fall. Of course there is the case of dark lip sticks, fuax fur, and riding boots.. but that's a given. With all being said when you see people looking like moms, biker babes, and bananas don't say I didn't warn you. *double wink* 

What are your fall predictions?
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  1. What a great post, loved to read your thoughts about was coming!


  2. Girl, you are too funny! I do love your predictions, though.

  3. i agree with you too

  4. Amazing post & video dear! You are totally right... I guess yellow might be a perfect colour the upcoming season. I am also working on a post due to this theme for the end of this week. You have to have a look at it then!

    Have an amazing day & week!


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