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Um, hi. It seems like forever since I did a look post. Please excuse my absence from posting looks whereas I just haven't really been wearing clothes I felt were blog worthy. Yes, it is true.. I have been a complete slob when it comes to my everyday fashion. I have found myself being addicted to my normal all denim or my easy jeans and cropped tops, boyfriend jeans, New Balance, and basic tees. Nothing to brag about.. at all. It's like that sometimes.
Truth is I'm going through this style crisis where I don't like much of anything in my closet... well didn't. The purge is in full effect in my closet. I got rid of just about everything that doesn't comply with how I have been feeling about my personal style as of late. Not to worry I am back.. if you cared enough to know. Lol. any who, this week I bring you this lovely dress gifted to me by the lovely folks over at Did you hear what I said "gifted" ha! My first gifted item.. *does cabbage patch*. But seriously, if you are looking for classy trendy clothing this is your go to site.
Dress- c/o ForElyse// Sam Eldelman (old) // Vintage Clutch- Doll  Shoppe

It is a trip seeing all the new comments that flourish my page now. I actually feel important. Thank you all for your kind comments. I have been trying to respond to them all. If I don't please don't take it to heart. Sometimes I over look them, especially if the comment is from an old post.

Ps: I think i'm back.. no more long waits for look posts :)

Making my dreams come true,


  1. The dress is breathtakingly beautiful. I love the makeup too.

  2. This dress looks amazing on you dear! A really beautiful outfit!


  3. You are working that dress girl very fierce I loved the way you accessorized with the layering of the necklaces very trendy right now. Lip color is on point too. Happy to come across your blog

    1. Thank you so much Leigh... I absolutely LOVE your style. I have been baby stalking you blog lol. You def have a new follower :)

  4. Fierce! :)


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