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"Who Wants to Be an Entrepreneur?" Finding YOUR Passion

Part 1: Finding YOUR Passion 

Inspiration For The Series

Kind of like the show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" deep down inside everyone wants it but not everyone has the guts to do it, or will do it. Same thing with entrepreneurship.
As you will learn I am not only a blogger but I am a small business owner. Like any other person starting a business I have faced challenges, money issues, and confusion. But I would not change it for the world. I was reading the Essence July 2014 issue, it had a huge article focusing on entrepreneurship. It intrigued me so much I decided to start a series of posts about the road to entrepreneurship from my experience. I hope it inspires and help someone out there.
Please keep in mind I too am still on my journey. I am also hoping to be inspired and helped myself. This is an open discussion series I want to know your stories, tips, and ideas.
Entrepreneurship "the process of identifying and starting a new business venture, sourcing and organizing the required resources, while taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture."
*source wikipedia*
This means being a business owner.. period. Are you ready?

What Makes Your Heart Flutter?

Is there some sort of extra curricular activity that you doing in your free time that make you absolutely happy? It can be anything from sewing, doing auto mechanic work, to modeling clothes. What makes your heart flutter? Whatever "It" is is YOUR passion. That is the first step to being an entrepreneur. What you are passionate about is your craft or God given talent and it needs to be flourished, nurtured, and grown.

My Story.. In A Nutshell

I remember years ago before and it was just me. I was always into fashion. I can remember being as young as 4 crying because I couldn't get a dress my mother thought was just hideous. In fact, I remember it was a button down white dress with black polka dots all over it, the bottom had three layers of fabric trimmed in neon colors, on the right chest area there was a handkerchief. Come to think of it, it was quite hideous (now), but I wanted it. I will never forget the morning of my 5th birthday opening a box with the same dress. My mom didn't understand it, but she allowed me the freedom to express myself with the crazy fashion I chose. It didn't stop there I remember being the first one in high school to wear certain trends and hairstyles. People have always ask for my opinion when it came to fashion. "Does this look right?" What do you think about..." My passion had always been with me and I didn't realize it.
Fast forward to 2011. At this point I had dropped out of cosmetology school, and working a job that made/makes great money. But I felt lost. I was so unhappy because I really felt like I was doing nothing with my life.. or what I wanted to do. I didn't want to take the "nursing" route like a few people I knew were taking because I wasn't interested in going to school for that, only to waste my time. This is when The Doll Clothing Shoppe (now known as Doll Shoppe) began. I was introduced to the thrifting world and hit the ground running. I would find beautiful clothing from previous decades and wear them. Beat me up, but I am a person who only wears something once depending on what it is. So I had tons of clothing that was just stuck in my closet.
Fast forward a little bit further. I had an eBay store selling used and vintage items, I was wardrobe styling, and eventually running a fashion blog.
Every time. I don't mean sometimes... EVERY TIME I deal with any of the above listed projects, I am at peace. I am allowed to express myself through fashion. Of course all of it is work.. but it never feels like work. THIS is my passion. It makes me happy. I deserve to be happy doing what I enjoy and being successful and so do you.

Don't Let Anyone Put Out Your Light

When you discover what it is that you love to do, it is one of the most amazing feelings in The World. Let me tell you right now... there are going to be people who laugh at you. Tell you "No way..." "that is not a good idea.." "that sounds stupid." "You better go to school" "Work that good paying job". The are going to talk about you and say you are ought right crazy! I have heard it all. For the life of me I couldn't understand or grasp the concept of going to school for a field that had nothing to do with what I was passionate about, only to end up working a job I hate!
Now in no way shape or fashion am I bashing anyone who believes in getting an education and working towards the field they enjoy. At all.. I have friends who went all the way though college because it is what they were passionate about. Remember, everyone is not intended nor has the desire to be an entrepreneur. And it is nothing wrong with... nor is being an entrepreneur.

The Long Lonely Road

When you decide to take this journey just know it could be a lonely one. You will lose friends, you won't always have support, sometimes you will feel alone. Unless you have a complete circle of people around you with the same mindset all trying to do something positive this will be the case. Luckily for me once I got rid of a few bad weeds I have nothing but love and support around me. It makes a difference.
But even if you don't have a support system you have to be strong. You can do this. Don't let ANYONE tell you you can't or you won't. Have faith and believe in yourself. Remain determined and consistent and your dreams will come true.
On every post that I do on I end it with "Making my dreams come true". There is a raw reason for that. I am making this work. By any means necessary. This is the mind frame you must have in order to make it. YOU.. no one else can do this for you.
I will not lie to you and tell you it will be easy. You have a long road ahead of you.. but if you're willing you will make it. The first step is staking the first step.

We Want You!!

Are you a baker? We want your cakes! Do you write novels? We want to read them. Do you love writing about makeup? We want your tips! "We" is The World. Your talent is not going to be suitable for everyone but there is someone somewhere out there waiting for you to show up with what you do best. They are willing to pay you for your craft. Why hide that? Here is an equation. You and your craft + People in need = Success and satisfaction for the consumer.
Do you realize you could be sitting on top of a solution for our economical problem? One day your idea could flourish into job opportunities for people (remember when I said not every is meant to be an entrepreneur?). WE WANT YOU! Get off that idea and save the world. Even if it is just one person effected in the process. You made a difference. However, am almost certain if you continue on this path you will effect way more than one person. :)

What Now?

Now you have discovered what you're passionate about. Great! Next step is learning how to get your God given talent out to the World. The next part is going to focus on what to do next to put yourself out there... Stayed tuned.

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Making my dreams come true,

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