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Today for Fashion Friday via my polyvore account I decided to introduce you all to a new website I stumbled across. If are looking for a refreshing site as far as fashion is concerned is somewhere that may do the trick.Viewing another blog, I saw it as an advertisement. I think what got me was the shoes being displayed. Here nor there. Clicked and was instantly pleased with what I saw. Extremely affordable you can find a range of street style picks from dresses to beauty products. Here are a few things I MUST have. I think the first up on my list are the jeans and necklace. As a matter of fact I LOVE these destroyed jeans. Because I am not quite ready to drop $900 on the Valentino Rock Stud heels these (#3) should suffice.

DO we follow each other on polyvore? If not..Why!?! Which is your favorite?

Making my dreams come true,


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    1. thank you! I actually ordered the shoes they are AMAZING!


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