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Reinventing Your Style

Reinventing Your Style
Changing up your style is something we all do from time to time. Especially if you're a person who has the love of fashion at heart. I know for myself I am always instantly deciding I want to change up my style... probably more than necessary. It is happening right now... again. I am at the cross road of wanting to leave trendy alone and transition to chic Whatever style you are trying to go for in lieu of what you're doing you have got to reinvent yourself. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Try New Things

Reinventing your style opens the door to endless possibilities in the fashion world. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, that is the point of reinventing yourself. If you are known to wear dark colors all time.. try neons. People should be able to look at you and say.. hey! There is something different about you. I don't know about you but I always think about fashion and things I want to try. Now is the time!

Choose a Style Muse

Do you have a person of interest or celebrity that you always watch and think... hmmm... I want HER/ HIS style? That is a muse for you. One way to reinvent yourself is by watching that person/ people to see how they style themselves. It may sound creepy but put look at a picture of them and put your face in place of theirs. Start shopping with the thought process of... "would so and so wear this??"
For me I love Kourtney Kardashian and Nicole Richie.. they give me so much inspiration when it comes to the type of looks I want to pull off. I am always finding myself stalking their Instagram pages or googling their current street style looks. *blissful sigh*. So chic, maturely youthful (does that make sense?), yet sexy.


Invest (or steal.. ok "borrow") fashion magazines. Following fashion blogs of your choice give TONS of inspiration for looks. Research current trends via the web. Subscribe to websites' newsletters (such as H&M) they send out useful emails letting you know what trends are hot as well. Check out Tumblr and Pinterest whereas they offer a endless database of fashion inspiration.
Some of my favorite fashion blogs are

Just to name a few. All of these blogs give me inspiration when it comes to my personal style I want to adapt to. In most cases I really admire their sense of fashion. Which is yours?

Clean House

The best way to free yourself of all of your unwanted clothing and hint hint make room for your new items is to clean out your drawers and closet(s). There is nothing more therapeutic for me than to rid myself of out of date/ never going to get worn clothing.

 I used to have an issue with this, thinking that a trend would come back and I would have to go out and buy what I already had once upon a time. But now i'm to the point I don't care. Of course I keep all of my good vintage finds.. but a rule I go with, if it has not been worn in a year or more.. ditch it! This does not apply to handbags and shoes unless they are truly annoying me. I really try to pick more timeless shoes and bags so it is not necessary to get rid of them. 

Shape Up

This is probably going to be a lot of people's least favorite. However, there is nothing more revolutionizing than changing your body by shedding a few pounds. Your body is the foundation for any look you wear. For me I spend hours a week at the gym working out to maintain my body and in hope of losing a little weight. For me I love to challenge myself to stay in shape so I can try different looks. Eat healthy, feel good, look good. It's simple.
I also want to throw it out there just because you loose a few pounds... it does not qualify you to wear whatever you want! Always remember to dress appropriately for your shape, size, and body type.

How do you reinvent your style when it comes to fashion?
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  1. Agree with everything! Now, to find the motivation to clean place is so overwhelmingly messy. Lol. I would hire someone to assist, but then I'm too embarrassed to have anyone come over to help! :-P

    1. lol! I see those babies are keeping you BUUUUSY huh? I'm sure it's not THAT bad... I hope O_o

  2. i agree with you too
    personaly keep some "base" and change or get some evolution in my style but slowly ^^

  3. Thanks for your cute comment honey! This post is so great! I’m sure nearly everbody has this phase from time to time.
    Love your blog so I’m following you now!


    1. no problem babes.. thanks for reading. I am following you back :)

  4. i totally agree with you hun

    1. I figured a fashionista like yourself would :) thanks for stopping by


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