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Cali Girl

Cali Girl

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Well dolls..It's time to get back to the basics. By basics I mean my obsession with putting looks together. That was the whole purpose of Fashion Friday via my Polyvore account anyway. lol. This week we have "Cali Girl". *plays dubstep music softly* If I were to live in the state that is always sunny, I promise I would aim to put these type of combinations together. Street style mixed with chic and glamour. A little pop of color always throws a monkey wrench in the mix. *spreads hands in air* I would wear this to consultations with potential clients.. oh, I'm dreaming of being someone's wardrobe stylist.. stay with me people... anyway, I can see me now flipping through my ipad, sipping a latte in lieu of lunch at a swank coffee shop were all the cool people go. Hey, a girl can dream.. right?

Where would you wear this look? Do we follow each other on polyvore? Why?!?

Making my dreams come true,


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