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A Perfect Day

Nowadays when it comes to life I don't ask for much. It trips me out that people go out of town just to hit a shopping mall and hang out. And that's coming from a bonafide shopper and a person who loves a good time. Not saying there is anything wrong with it... it's just not my primary goal every time I visit a new city. Instead, I like to be enlightened and introduced to things outside of the box. I like to see things not everyone thinks to see. As you all know from my previous post I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia for the Fourth of July weekend. I came down Friday the actual holiday and had a full day to do whatever I wanted to do Saturday. In turn I was awarded with a perfect day. I remember filling out an application that asked me what a perfect day would be to me... 
Chatahoochee River National Water Trail
1978 Island Ford Parkway Sandy Springs, Ga 
Excuse the sweaty back *yuck*. This picture really doesn't capture the fact that I was sitting on a cliff. This park was just gorgeous! If I lived there I would go everyday! 
Bodies The Exhibition Atlanta 
265 18th St NW Atlanta, Ga 
Yes, that is a real human body. I stole this pic  from the Internet lol. NO PHONES OR PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED. They were pretty serious about it. Geesh.. okay. 
Necklace- Forever 21 (sold out) first seen here  // Dress Target// Bag- H&M (sold out)// Jacket- Gap 

The Real Chow Baby 
1016 Howell Mill Rd Atlanta, Ga  
Menchie's Frozen Yogurt 
4475 Roswell Rd Marietta Ga 
Polish "Blue Velvet"- Urban Outfitters 
Waking up at my own will, exercise, a museum, food, FROYO (I love some freaking froyo! *inserts laugh*), and a quite evening with drinks and UNO all with good company is a PERFECT day to me. The only thing missing was shopping :) and that was even necessary because I do it so much anyway *covers eyes*. The exhibition was absolutely amazing, I almost couldn't believe I was looking at real bodies. Call me old.. I don't care. I needed a little R&R to take a break from my mildly hectic life and this was perfect. Hey, what can I say? When it is time to party.. it's time to party. Sometimes it's okay to chill.

What is a perfect day to you?

Making my dreams come true, 


  1. Awesome outfit and very great pics
    Great Work

  2. I love your blue dress outfit, and the necklace is gorgeous!


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