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Yay or Hell Naw: Privileged "Secrets Out" Platforms

Yay or Hell Naw

It has been a while since I stumbled across something that was wild enough for me to have raised eyebrows. This week I bring you the "Secrets Out" platform heel by Privileged. Privileged is known to make some crazy shoes and I can't front I have owned a few pair myself. First let's talk about the dynamics of this heel. Standing 6 inches tall with a 2.5 inch platform, this sucker is massive in height. Priced at $118.00 the heel has the appearance of a digital look if you will. As crazy as this shoe is, the straps single style and quite simple.

I have found this particular heel type in various colors and styles.

Although they seem fun, I always say there is a very thin line between "different" and "tacky". Well ladies and gentlemen these are treading the tacky border. I like to turn heads in different ways not a "wtf!?" type is not one of them. My answer... HEEEELL NAW. At this point in my life I am over the whole unnecessarily chunky heel. I mean.. just no. They don't do it for me. I have grown to be more of a chic person. I enjoy low profile heels with a point to them. I can honestly say i am past the chunky shoes stage.
Apparently these shoes aren't completely a no because they are sold out EVERYWHERE! Women can't seem to get enough of them. Trust me I am in no way shape or fashion jealous about it either. Go right ahead..I will take my $180.00 and get a nice classic court as the British call them (pump). Thanks.
What do you think of this heel? If it is a yes.. why? and how would you style them? If the answer is no.. why? If you are looking to snag a pair of these good luck. But one place I did see them where May the odds be forever in your favor. :) 

Making my dreams come true, 

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