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So, You Want To Go Boho?

So, You Want To Go Boho

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Friday is here.. and with every Friday comes fashion inspiration via my Polyvore account. I have to admit this post was totally inspired by a post written by my blogger love Sarah Besaw . She did a post about channeling your inner boho and what the go to pieces were. I decided to incorporate all of her suggestions into my own views of what boho fashion should be. First off what is boho.. it is short for bohemian. More often referred to as boho chic, because you're fusing bohemian with chic to get this look. If you don't buy anything else you must own a kimono! That's like a number one item boho chic chicks wear. Other items to complete this look should included maxi skirts and or dresses, fabric shorts, wild color wide leg pants, head wraps, floral crowns, floppy hats, paisley prints, tunics.. think hippie. Mix and match.. have fun with this look.

Tips for going boho
  • Load up on accessories- There is never too much. Pile up on different colors, texture, and size patterns, put rings on several fingers, find a huge statement necklace. now is the time to be gaudy. 
  • Mix patterns and colors- Boho is really not matchy-matchy, pair one paisley print with another. Or if you don't feel comfortable mix matching wear a solid piece with a patterned piece
  • Proper Shoes- The best shoes to look for are gladiator sandals, low cut booties, even all stars depending on what you're wearing. This is not a look that requires many heels at all. If you must a pair of neutral wedges will do just fine. 
  • Find inspiration- If you want the answer to this "google" boho chic.. you would be surprised what comes up. Find a look you want to try and go with it. A few celebs who totally kill this look are Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens 
Next week's topic: being chic 

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