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June Ipsy Glam Bag || Pretty In Paradise

It arrived! My Ipsy Glam Bag for the month of June! I am so excited about this one. I am loving every product with the exception of one. What is Ipsy... well I will tell you. It is a $10 a month subscription where you get 4 to 5 full size and deluxe sample beauty products to try out. This month's these was "Pretty in Paradise" and man oh man the girls over at ipsy did a number with this one. First off lets talk about the bag *screeches* it is a tropical print designed by Rebecca Minkoff.. overly LOVE. Now lets get into the products I received. 

NYX Butter Gloss- Apple Strudel $5.00 

Jesse's Girl Water Proof Liquid Eyeliner $6.99 

Essence Of Beauty Body Mist- Forever Paris (estimated 3.99) (is it obvious it has been used? lol)

Be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara $15.00 

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray (estimated $4.00)

Grand total: $34.98

I am overly excited about the NYX butter gloss. I am a major fan of their cosmetics as is however I have yet to try the butter gloss. I am so happy this came because I now have my own, I smells soooo yummy, is lightweight, and mildly tinted. I WILL buy more! I couldn't be more happy to receive this eyeliner.. truth it I was running low and was just about to go re-up.. looks like ipsy saved me a trip and a few bucks. I actually like this one.. very easy to control and gives just enough product on the applicator. It reminds me of my eyeliner pen but waaaay easier. Same goes with the mascara. I love trying different kind to see what will give my natural lashes the maximum effect I was just about to try 
a new one. This one is just okay.. I have gotten better results from a drugstore brand. This one is kind of clumpy when it comes out and I find myself having to dip it again to remove the excess product. BUT don't think I won't be using it! . again thanks Ipsy!! I was happy to receive some fragrance in my bag because it seems like I always miss out.. however this scent is really pleasant. I like to spray on on alight mist when I get out of the shower so this is perfect to add to my collection. The only item I am not crazy about is the Marc Anthony is just not for my hair texture I will be sure to note I don't want anything like this ever again in the review ipsy offers. Maybe if I ever get a wavy weave again this will help.. better yet I will give it away to someone who will benefit. Overall this is my favorite Ipsy bag thus far because with the exception of the hair spray I can and have been utilizing these products on a daily basis. 

Are you an Ipsy member? What did you get this month? If you're not click here to join!! Here is a Youtube video of me discussing the products:

Making my dreams come true, 


  1. The NYX butter glosses are amazing and this is such a beautiful shade!


    1. you are SO right! I love NYX. I went and bought Tirmasu a few days later! :) thanks for reading Amelie


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