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Fashion Showdown: Rag and Bone vs Forever 21

Fashion Showdown: Rag and Bone Vs Forever 21

*ques Western Music* Ladies and gentlemen here we have the Rag and Bone "Talia" sweater priced at $395.00 and the Forever 21 "V-Neck Varsity" sweater going for $29.80. Both sweaters feature a deep v-neck embellished with a thick black trim times two, full length sleeves with the same trim at the base around the wrist. We all know Forever 21 are sneaky little devils constantly being "inspired" by top brand designers. This is not the first time they have copied a piece and it won't be the last. The Rag and Bone version has been featured on many blogs specifically one of my favorite ( 
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I just thought it was uber dope when I first saw it. I have to admit there is something sophisticated about the Rag and Bone version. The detail, the sexy lower cut (kitten purr), and the finishing touches of the garment in whole. It really does capture the vintage style is was intended to. But come on.. who the hell is trying to spend $400 on a simple varsity style sweater. The Forever 21 version has the same idea and is portions less. 

I am pretty sure you can keep the $400 sweater for decades to come. But the Forever 21 version will allow you to keep $370.00 in your pocket. I just don't see me making this type of investment on one piece. Not a sweater anyway.. no way. Say what you want, I will just feast my eyes on watching other bloggers rock it and I may cop the Forever 21 version to do my look for less. In conclusion the Rag and Bone version is doper better quality but it really thinks a bit highly of itself, clearly based on the price. *turns up Western music* *narrator voice* And the Forever 21 sweater  blows it's pistol puts it back in it's holster and walks of into the sunset... leaving the Rag and Bone behind. 

To purchase the Rag and Bone Version Click here... the Forever 21 version can be found here 

What are your thoughts on this comparison? Leave comments below. 

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