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Fashion Haul || New Balance And BDG Jeans

Hi! Instead of going through the motion of taking pictures and pretty much saying the same thing again... I decided to keep it simple and just do a youtube for today's post. Lazy maybe?
Nonetheless I am proud of myself that I actually stuck to my 3 item maximum this week. YAY! I did find the exact shoes on UO unfortunately they aren't $20 :( but they are still cheaper than $70. I also managed to find the exact cigarette jeans on UO as well. Not many sizes left but I did my deed. I really hope you all are enjoying my video whereas I really enjoy making them. Even though I have 30 bloopers. Still getting un-shy of the camera. Anyway, subscribe, rate, and comment. Find my channel  

Oh, I almost forgot..
Links to purchase:

New Balance here
BDG Mid rise jeans here

Making my dreams come true,

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