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Tied Up


Dress- Urban Outfitters (Ecote) Sold out- Love this //H&M (Sold out)// Similar here 

"Where did you get that dress from!?!" a lady asked as I was daydreaming waiting on my mother at an event she dragged me out the house for. I snapped out of my day dream and smiled with a reply. "That dress is banging honey!!" I promise most of the time I wear outlandish clothing and wonder why I get so many stares. I really don't try.. I just like unique things that catch my eye. Truth is I ordered this dress a few weeks before my birthday back in March from UO and it has been sitting in my closet waiting to make it's debut. That happens a lot you know, I see some dopeness, order it, and save it for when it is time. The way my hair was styled today was.. "the day" to wear it  I LOVE tie dye items. Period. It puts me in a modern day hippie mode. But with the back completely out and cut out sides I have to admit I kinda felt sexy or whatever... that rarely happens. Maybe between that and the tie dye is what drew up all the stares and compliments. lol. Who knows. 

How as your weekend?

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