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Spring Is In The Air

Blouse- Ralph Lauren (Thrifted- Similar here)// Boyfriend Jeans- Urban Outfitters (similar here.. gotta have these)// Bag- H&M( sold out.. again )// Flats- Dolce Vita (First seen here)

 These days I find myself making more "adult" choices when it comes to the clothing I select. Even if it is just going to a casual dinner. The old Ashley would have worn the usual tshirt and jeans with a pair of sneaks or maybe even some heels. Today was a little different. This shirt was brought to you from the wonderful world of thrifting. That's right ladies and gentlemen... this authentic seersucker men's Ralph Lauren Button down cost me all of 1.70. I decided to wear it with a pair of ragged boyfriend jeans just to show the "old Ashley" still exists but the sophisticated flats and bag to is my display of stepping it up a few notches. I told myself I was going easy on the graphic tees and I have stuck true to my promise. I overly love my "breathe" necklace my best friend got me. She knows me so well. I am always saying breathe and just be. 

These shots were taken in my backyard.. Lord knows I am not a "backyard person" but I was pleasantly surprised to find these beautiful flowers and the ones in my background in full bloom all around the yard.I LOVE flowers. My yard smells soooo delicious right now. Gotta love Spring!! Breathe it in. I guess the necklace turned out to have a little pun. 
Making my dreams come true,


  1. Wow ...This post might be better than the (Irish) one that I just commented on. Those button down shirts look so good on you. You're such a natural beauty

    1. thank you so much! I really appreciate you stopping by!



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