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Spring Fashion Haul

I mentioned a while ago I started a Youtube channel. It is meant to include various things from looks (live), my outrageous rants, shopping habits, and Lord knows what else. To start the week off I decided to show of a major Spring fashion haul or things I have collected in the past few weeks. This video stuff is hard because I really really really feel goofy. But it's also fun. So much more to come.. stay tuned.

Here are all the links to items (in order) that are still available since this video was made, enjoy :)

Forever 21 Necklace Here
Brooch- Vintage
H&M Sunnies- Here
Cat Ear Bowler Hat-Here
Clear Boohoo Clutch- Sold out
H&M Shoulder Bag Here
H&M Structured Bag Here
H&M Pink Cami- Here
H&M Snakeskin Cami- Here 
H&M Leopard Button Down- Here
H&M Grid Blouse- Here
H&M Kimono- Here
Forever 21 Kimono/ Maxi Here
Pink Dot Pants- Sold Out
Grid Print Pants- Here
H&M Tribal Print Skirt- Here
Black Pumps- Here
Go Jane Cut Out Booties Here
Retro Jordan- Sold Out

If you're interested in following me via Youtube.. click here. Or simply look up "ItsAshleyTamarra"

Making my dreams come true,

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