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Natural Hair || My History and Growth Challenge

I have a confession. *takes deep sigh*  The beginning part of this year I was VERY lazy when it comes to my hair...I did some very bad things. The biggest mistake was putting a weave in my hair.. in turn I suffered heat damage.. severely. I will explain. This has caused me to evaluate a few things when it comes to caring for my hair. Before I get there let's take a little trip down memory lane.

This is the first time I have ever discussed my hair. So here goes. First things first...I have never been a *fist pump* black power natural sistah type girl. (no offense to anyone) Truth is I had tried every hairstyle known to woman and wanted to try something new. Actually I made the decision to transition from relaxed hair to natural by default. I had a relaxer and my hair was past my shoulders.
. My stylist and I experimented with color. I realized my hair did not like being relaxed and colored at the same time when I suffered hair shed/ damage. Eventually I had no other choice but to cut it.

 I hated my hair so much especially what it had become from what it was. I started wearing sew ins for almost 2 years to allow my hair to "rest" and grow back healthy.

I stopped relaxing my hair during this process and over time it grew back healthy and the relaxed ends shed away on their own. I liked the way my hair looked (the curl pattern and texture) when I washed it in between sew ins. I started to wonder what it would look like if I allowed my hair to be free and without the chemicals. That's it... it was not a spiritual journey, fad, detox, a calling, none of that.  I started watching youtube videos and became inspired. I never did a "big chop" I just cut small parts of relaxed hair that was left away... I stopped wearing weaves all together August of 2011.
My first time twisting my hair.. ever. lol 

Wearing my natural hair for the first time was the most naked feeling ever! I was not used to my own kinky hair, and I looked like a kid lol. It was so uneven and crazy looking... the only part left (and was relaxed) was the front portion of my hair I eventually grew fed up with the stringy hair and chopped it off. It was about 2 inches in length when I did, but it was all curly. I always use that as a key to know how much my hair has grown. It is now to my chin.
In no time I owned rocking my natural hair.I have done every twist out, cold rod, flexi rod,  bantu knot, pin up, high bun, and braid possible.. I even dabbled with color.

 Come to think of it.. I didn't really realize how much it has grown until I just started looking at all these pictures. My natural hair is kind of my trademark. I have literally received threats of bodily harm at the mention of getting a relaxer again. Truth is I don't ever want a relaxer again especially seeing how amazing my hair is and easily converted from straight to wavy back to curly.

So back to present day. I made the decision to get a sew in to give myself a break from "dealing" with my kinks.. but what I failed to realize was that I was putting stress on my hair from the braids/thread and not giving it a break at all. To top it all off, the portion of hair that I left out to cover the tracks required heat to match the weave. This was flat ironed almost every day... big big mistake. After the sew in I got tiny twists.. this was not as evasive to the hair other than the fact it took out my edges. Smh. Once the braids came out I decided to stop running away from my hair and give it some love. The section of hair that was left out from the sew in WOULD NOT revert back. Stringy hair combined with my natural hair irritates me so much. Oh.. sometime last year I got a blow out (I only do it once a year) and noticed some heat damage to a small portion of hair in the rear left side of my hair. I had been tolerating those little strings. But I couldn't take any of it anymore. I was so desperate and felt so hopeless I was contemplating cutting  my hair entirely and just starting over. Instead, I cut off all the heat damaged hair... because once it's damaged.. it is damaged. Luckily for me.. my hair is very thick and I am able to cut off the damaged hair without it being noticed. BUT the fact remains I still have a huge chunk of hair missing on the left side of my hair. lol. With all that being said and done... I'm like now what?! Relaxing it is not an option.. I don't want to damage any more of it.. so now what!?!? 

Grow it of course!! The more I think about it.. I have really had a care-free attitude about my hair because I have always had a shit load of it. So it is no wonder it has grown. But get this, what if I actually focused on making it grow.. where would it be? I see some people who went natural around the same time as me or after and it seems like there hair is way past mine :((( I also notice they are around here mixing concoctions together and doing hair rituals every two days. Do you guys know what all I have going on!?!? I just don't have the time! However, I really want to give my hair it's full potential and get it growing faster. I want it to get loooooong. So I asked myself what can I do to grow my hair faster?? I did a little research and found the number one thing is MOISTURIZING, then led diet, protecting the ends , and low manipulation. Diet is not a big thing for me because I am sort of like a health guru... so here is what I vow to do. 
  1. Take a daily multi-vitamin- I researched that vitamin b,c,d, and k are all helping factors in producing healthy hair growth. 
  2. Moisturize- I have decided to make sure I wash my hair at least twice a week. Once a normal shampoo the second a co-wash. I also need to invest in coconut oil to use in conjunction with some other products I am currently using (another blog) 
  3. Protect ends- this is where the coconut oil will come in at, I am going to keep my hair at the ends extremely moisturized and clipped by any means necessary
  4. Low manipulation- this means MINIMAL heat and more protective styles. 
  5. Educating myself and learning from others- I really want some suggestion on what I can do.. HELP. I will continue to search the web for more ideas.
  6. Giving it time- I truly believe if I create a healthy routine it will do what it needs to do. Time changes everything.
I did a full youtube video talking about this subject and did my first length check watch it here 

... I will check in three months from now to give you all a growth update. See you then :) 

What suggestions do you all have? Are you natural? What's your story? HELP!

Making my dreams come true, 

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