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From Work to Happy Hour

From Work to Happy Hour

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Its Friday! If you follow this blog you know what that means.. Fashion Friday via my Polyvore account. What better way to end a long day of work's tedious tasks with a night out? If you're anything like me when I get off work on Fridays, sometimes I'm just ready to hit the ground running. Who has time to go home and change clothes when the hottest bar or venue for a cocktail is a few minutes from the job? Instead.. pack a bag with a few alterations. Here we have a simple look that can be work appropriate when worn with an offset over sized bag to carry all your work items, and flats. Hours after your work day has ended you can spruce it up with a bright lipstick, high heel, and handbag change. No need to stress about what you're going to wear, let your hair down (or up). The only stress you should have after a stressful day is which spot you're going to hang out at.

Tips on wearing a look to work and happy hour

  • Stick with basic pieces that are work appropriate. I want to emphasis on work appropriate. I don't want you all out there wearing a mesh insert body con dress with a denim jacket and flats. Please please please don't. 
  • Chose alternative items that are happy hour appropriate. Depending on where you go you don't want to look like you just got off work. Honey, you should walk into that place like you're fresh off the run way. 
  • Know what accessories to wear where. Your work look should have simple accessories such as studs, a small necklace, or a watch. Simple things. Your transitional look is the time to step it up.. go ahead and wear that statement necklace or dramatic earrings. There is nothing wrong with doing it for work.. but don't be that girl who tries too hard. 
  • Pack your bag accordingly. If your look requires a clutch.. bring the clutch. Make sure you chose the right shoes. The list goes on. Once you have made the decision to wear your work clothes to an after work spot make sure the look is put together properly. Remember the idea is to not look like you just go off of work. 

Do we follow each other on Polyvore? uuuum why??

Making my dreams come true,

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