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You ever get that last minute phone call from your home girl saying "let's go out" and you just don't have anything to wear? This week I have you covered. Everyone has a basic dress in the closet.. you know, the one you wore with flip flops or sneakers. You can take that same basic dress and jazz it up a bit. I personally think the body con style dress is the most sought after "going out dress" known to woman. It hugs the curves and gives a sexy silhouette (er, in most cases lol.. that's not why we are here today).
This week's Polyvore look consists of a fairly inexpensive dress enhanced with mid range price accessories and shoes. Basic dress with statement shoes, necklace, and an uber chic clutch. Not so basic anymore. Right? Stop thinking you have to go all out on everything you wear when it comes to pieces. And stop thinking it's not okay to invest in handbags and accessories. Accessories and shoes are the foundation to your wardrobe. You can mix and match them several ways, and if you spend that extra penny it will be around for a while. Also know it's okay to mix a low end item with high end pieces. As long as it looks put together tastefully of course.

Ps: I absolutely LOVE these Zara heels.. I am not sure why I haven't purchased them yet but I need to correct this. Cut-out heels are IN. This week I included my plus size girls.. same accessories different cut dress, same price range. 

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