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Weekly Haul: Urban Outfitters and Thrifted Finds

I mentioned recently that I have put myself on a diet when it comes to my spending habits. The reason being is I am investing in something far more important and another love of mine, interior design. That's right folks I am finally decorating my house. Anyone who is close to me knows the meaning behind the finally. Truth is I just can't say no to fashion.. or a good sale.. or promo code to give me a discount. With that being said instead of splurging on several items at once I have decided that if I must purchase something it can't be more than 3 items every time I get paid... which is every two weeks. Here is what I snagged over the last two weeks!

Shades are called Leeloo Cateye Shades (sold out online)
Purchase the pallazo pants here
Find out what's new at The Shoppe

Making my dreams come true,

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