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Top-H&M (sold out)- first seen here. Similar here and here.. love this// Skirt- H&M. similar here // Bag- H&M (sold out) Love this //Shoes Converse 

"Stand right here and hold the phone like this" is what I told my mom on Mother's Day after our brunch to take these pictures. Normally I am an all out diva when it comes to taking pictures for this blog. Hence this photo posted on my Instagram.
Lol. My "normal photographers" where no where in sight (they weren't invited) and I needed it done. In all honesty, this look was totally thrown together.. no, seriously. I really wanted to do anything that didn't consist of clothes.. or a bra.. or getting out of bed. However, I felt the need to show my mom she is appreciated not just because of the day but because she is my best friend. To avoid the muggy day I went with a skirt, anything to escape the heat.. I technically didn't have a shirt to wear with it so I made the best and went to my favorite go to a denim button down. The Chucks are always chic/cool alternative to heels. There you have it. A look.

In all honesty, I need to let my mom take pictures all the time.. I don't know if she has a natural talent of if I was being nice because it was in fact Mother's Day  :)

Making my dreams come true,


  1. Great pieces and very nice pics
    you're outfit it's awesome too


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