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Yay or Hell Naw: The Fanny Pack

At one point in time to wear a fanny pack you had to be one of three things, a tourist, an old person, or just whack as hell. Well now my lovelies it would seem as if that has changed. For years now several designers, fashionistas, and stylists have tried to revamp this hideous look... into something.. well, more fashionable and chic. This year is no different whereas top designers such as Chanel and Rebecca Minkoff donned this dud in their 2014 Spring collection during fashion week. Now my fashion senses are tingling and debating if I should hop on the "out there" bandwagon and try it. Need some convincing?

 Picture courtesy of
 Picture courtesy of
 Rebacca Minkoff Spring 2014 Runway Collection 
Tory Burch 2014 Spring Runway Collection 
Rihanna at the Chanel Spring 2014 Runway Show 

As a matter of fact Ri Ri is no stranger to this trend.. she has been seen wearing the pack herself as early as 2010...

Now my question to you is, is this trend a yay or a hell naw? I think for me I would definitely rock it from a boho chic perspective. Especially now that warmer days are closer to us. I can see it now, tank top ragged shorts and a bejeweled headband accompanied by a ethnic print pack for myself. Or I would maybe just opt out for a plain on cross body bag...same convenience and concept, look ma no hands!

Fanny pack? Yay or hell nah?? Tell me what you think!

Making my dreams come true,

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