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With the spring months here, the sun makes it's appearance more now than never. It's time to start considering specs to accompany your everyday looks. Although tortoise print is very much still rellavant, wild prints are making their way to the scene. I remember actually paying attention when Peter Pilotto donned his collection at target, there were two pairs with wild print included. Which leads me to believe this is where F21 got their idea from (#5)... I could be wrong. Nonetheless I love them. When making your own purchases, shades to look for include iridescent lenses, cat-eye shapes, and round frames. Number 4 is so 50s/60s glam, and I am seeing them grace several fashion blogs. I am truly in love... they must be purchased next. I'm actually excited just about the thought of having them. Designers shades are nice but if you're a person like me who isn't willing to invest hundreds of dollars in them, being able to get the look for fractions is a plus.

Which is your favorite?

Making my dreams come true,

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