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Mini NYX Haul: Take me to Morocco

I remember at one point in time I was the girl with a small train case and never wore makeup. Lord knows I knew not what concealer was! lol. I have been venturing more into the beauty world and have found myself taking a liking to trying different looks when it comes to my face. To become more familiar with a variety of products I subscribed to an Ipsy glam bag where I spend $10.00 a month and receive 4-5 products in a makeup bag. Best decision EVER. Anyway, on top of fashion trends I also am starting to minimally keep up with beauty trends as well. I have been seeing orange lipstick surface EVERYWHERE. I am sort of happy because to be honest I am tired of everyone rocking the red lips. Myself included *shrug*. I think it's great to venture out a try other colors that are not the norm. I decided to test the waters and cop my own orange.

Soft Matte Lip Cream $6.00- Here 

I also ordered an eybrow stencil kit to help me with filling in my now damaged brows (long story)..

Eyebrow kit with stencil $15- here 
Along with the two items I ordered, they also sent me a free lip liner.. I love free stuff lol... 

I would love to give you all the link for this one but I can't find it.. hmmm. Oh well. I LOVE the matte lip cream!! I smells so yummy and is presented like lip gloss but comes out matte like a lipstick. I actually think I like this more than the NYC matte lipstick. I will defintely be investing in more colors. The eyebrow kit is great too... the whole eyebrow thing is foreign to me so I am going to play around with this one a bit. As soon as I open my package I played make-up and did a little something to my face.. lol. see?
I received 25% off my first order when I signed up to received promotional emails. With all this stuff I've been buying lately I'm going to need to figure out some organization! Help!

Making my dreams come true,

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