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To tell you the truth.. I think. No seriously, my son is my little social media adviser. You know, these kids are all on it when it comes to what is hot and not. He recommended that I start a to start answering random questions you all may have.
So there you have it.. simply log on, ask the question, and I will answer it. Now, let me give you all a little disclaimer. When I say "ask questions" I mean about FASHION, the little bit I know about beauty, natural hair, PG13 personal questions, and whatever else you feel the necessary. Don't get on there asking me if I like it rough or how times I.. you know what, you get what I mean! lol. Let's keep it relevant and positive please.
 If you ever found yourself wanting to know more about me.. don't ask anyone else or assume. ASK ME! Anyway to do so simply click here.. or just go to  I look forward to hearing from you. :)

Making my dreams come true,

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